Structural Experiments for the Human Body

Happy Holidaze!

November 24 2014


November 09 2014

Anyone who’s
tried on a Chromat cage can relate to this sentiment: You feel like a powerful boss babe when that cage finally settles on your body in all the right places. Chromat Curve was introduced this season for that very reason, to make available the entire ready-to-wear collection to bodies of all sizes.

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Halloween Party Guide 2014

October 24 2014

Halloweek is upon us and we're giving you the lowdown on where and when you can debut your #CREEPYCHROMAT #LEWK and get your Chromat party on with us! Check out these two Chromat approved #MOMENTS happening this upcoming week.

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FORMULA 15 Spring 2015 Lookbook

October 08 2014


The FORMULA 15 collection incorporates various planes of technology that works towards seamlessly melding the wearer's body with elements that allows them to take control  and empower themselves in a whole new light. This season drew inspiration from the deliberacy of Sol LeWitt’s Wall Drawing Series, which is paralleled in the process of tracking athletic movement through the use of Misfit Shine technology. In addition to that, 3D printing materializes in FORMULA 15 in the form of bra cups, pockets, and face masks. Chromat imagines a world where you are in control your body through harnessing the data fed back to you through the technology that is embedded into everyday wear. 

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