Structural Experiments for the Human Body

FORMULA 15 Spring 2015 Lookbook

October 08 2014


The FORMULA 15 collection incorporates various planes of technology that works towards seamlessly melding the wearer's body with elements that allows them to take control  and empower themselves in a whole new light. This season drew inspiration from the deliberacy of Sol LeWitt’s Wall Drawing Series, which is paralleled in the process of tracking athletic movement through the use of Misfit Shine technology. In addition to that, 3D printing materializes in FORMULA 15 in the form of bra cups, pockets, and face masks. Chromat imagines a world where you are in control your body through harnessing the data fed back to you through the technology that is embedded into everyday wear. 

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August 21 2014
The new BIONIC BODIES collection tells the story of a love affair between a human and a robotic being. Fall in love with each piece of technology and fashion.

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August 21 2014


At Chromat, we often hear things like, “Who wears this?” and “Where can you wear this?” or things like “You can’t exactly wear this to the office” and “It’s not for grocery shopping!” The list could go on. While we work every season to reconcile wearability with our directional aesthetic, we wanted to provide some more wearable inspiration in a post we like to call, “#DAYLOOKS”.

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Introducing BOND by Chromat!

May 12 2014

Now available at Urban Outfitters! Created in the innovative spirit of Chromat, BOND is for the young, fearless and free. BOND is inspired by the architectural bonding of surfaces with erotic bondage undertones, and the iconic BOND girls who dominated each James Bond film.  The debut BOND Collection features the Florence Bikini...

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