December 22 2014

Theres no better way to celebrate the Holidaze than to count down the 12 days til Christmas with the Chromat BABES who served it best this year. Strong, powerful women are always at the core of where we draw inspiration from, and in turn we aim to empower women with confidence in themselves and their abilities. Each of these women are powerful in unique ways, but their common denominator is their fierce ability to know what they want and unapologetically get it. Here's to celebrating the strength, beauty, and power these women exude–they're kind of a big deal. 

1st Day Of Chromat BABES | Cindy Crawford

Muse Magazine gave us Cindy Crawford in the Chromat Shoji Corset photographed by Mariano Vivanco.

 Get the look:

The Chromat Shoji Corset

2nd Day Of Chromat BABES | Jessica Chastain

On the 2nd day of #ChromatBABES, Flaunt Magazine gave us Jessica Chastain in the Chromat Underwire Half Cage photographed by Yu Tsai.

 Get the look:

The Chromat Underwire Half Cage

3rd Day of Chromat BABES | Tyra Banks


On the 3rd day of #ChromatBabes, WestEast Magazine gave us Tyra Banks in the Chromat Jessica Rabbit Cage Dress and the Chromat Symmetrical Full Cage  photographed by Udo Spreitzenbarth.

 Get the look:

The Chromat Jessica Rabbit Cage Dress

4th Day of Chromat BABES | Maluca Mala

On the 4th day of #ChromatBabes, Maluca Mala gave us an epic NYFW After-party Performance in the Chromat Bionic LED Bra photographed by Rebecca Smeyne for Paper Mag.

 Get the look:

The Chromat Bionic LED Bra


5th Day of Chromat BABES | Rita Ora

On the 6th day of #ChromatBabes, Cosmopolitan Magazine gave us Rita Ora in the Chromat Chromed Metropolis Dress photographed by Matthias Vriens Mcgrath.

Get the look:

The Chromat Chromed Metropolis Dress


6th Day of Chromat BABES | Juliana Huxtable

On the 6th day of #ChromatBabes, Topical Cream gave us Juliana Huxtable in the Chromat Velvet Perforated Leather Bra and the Chromat Suspension Dress photographed by Lyndsy Welgos.

Get the look:

The Chromat Velvet Perforated Leather Bra


The Chromat Suspension Bodysuit

7th Day of Chromat BABES | Ellie Goulding 


On the 7th day of #ChromatBABES, Ellie Goulding gave us a captivating Coachella set in the Chromat Neoprene Tri Top.

 Get the look:

The Chromat Neoprene Tri Top


 8th Day of Chromat BABES | Grimes

On the 8th day of #ChromatBabes, Under the Radar Magazine gave us Grimes in the Chromat Underwire Bralette photographed by Tommy Kearns.

Get the look:

The Chromat Underwire Bralette


Check back on Christmas day for part two of the 12 Days of Chromat BABES.