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We've been celebrating the Holidaze by highlighting the boss babes who inspire us the most, and we've saved the best for last. The celebration continues with the following women who are at the forefront of not only knowing their strengths, but owning them too. 

9th Day of Chromat BABES | FKA Twigs

On the 9th day of #ChromatBabes, The Wild Magazine gave us FKA Twigs in the Chromat Patent Bustier photographed by Ellen von Unwerth.

Get the look:

The Patent Bustier

10th Day of Chromat BABES | NIcki Minaj

On the 10th day of #ChromatBabes, Complex Magazine gave us Nicki Minaj in the Chromat Chromed Mesh Bodysuit and Crossed Wires Cage Dress photographed by Vijat Mohindra.

Get the look:

The Chromed Mesh Bodysuit | The Crossed Wires Cage Dress


 11th Day of Chromat BABES | Madonna

On the 11th day of #ChromatBabes, Madonna gave us an iconic striptease in the Kimono Harness for her MDNA Tour in 2012.

 Get the look:

The Kimono Harness


12th Day of Chromat BABES | Beyonce


On the 12th day of #ChromatBabes, Beyoncé gave us LIFE with her dancers decked out in Chromat (Pentagram Full FacemaskAndroid ArmsUnderwire BraletteCantilever Mesh BustierCrossed Wires Cage Dress, Double Layer Skirt) for her 2014 MTV VMA’s Performance.

 Get the look:

The Pentagram Full Facemask  | The Android Arms




The Underwire Bralette | The Cantilever Mesh Bustier



The Crossed Wires Cage Dress | The Double Layer Skirt


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