Galentines with DJ Haram + BEARCAT

January 25 2017
Celebrating Galentines Day with BEARCAT + DJ HARAM

Female friendship is one of the most powerful bonds #ChromatBABES have- supporting, empowering, and protecting each other. That's why for V-Day every year, we celebrate Galentines Day and feature friends that lift each other up and make each other stronger. Last year, we highlighted the Philly DJ collective Factory Girls, and the year before we featured the music duo Dark Sister.

Haram in the Patent Garter Cage, Kerrie in the Patent Harness Bustier



In keeping with our tradition of celebrating babes changing the game in music, we are so excited to feature two incredible DJs this year:

Kerrie Ann Murphy aka BEARCAT built our AW16 Lumina runway track, scored the BODY ELECTRIC Chromat documentary for the Tribeca Film Festival, and will be DJing our upcoming NYFW after-party. BEARCAT is a London-born, Brooklyn based artist internationally known for her various skill set’s as a DJ/Producer, Audio Engineer and Pro Makeup Artist. She's played sets at Boiler Room (NYC) MoMa PS1 (Warm Up / Sunday Session’s) MFA (Boston), RinseFM (Paris), Radar Radio (London), Slake, Flavorpill and many more.

Zubeyda Muzeyyen aka DJ HARAM is currently designing the mix for our upcoming AW17 Buoyancy Collection NYFW runway show. DJ Haram is a queer producer and DJ originally from New Jersey, currently based in Philadelphia. Stylistically versatile, DJ Haram throws down for Jersey, Philly, and Baltimore with club and booty bounce sets but also has been known to pay homage to her roots in the tradition of Middle Eastern music and of DIY noise and experimental sound. DJ Haram is a co-founder and resident of Philadelphia’s own free-falling club night ATM (#atmdata) and legal fundraiser party series (f)LAWLESS.


Both artists are represented by Discwoman

Get to know these two incredible women and learn what inspires their music, their friendship and their lives. <3

DJ Haram (left), BEARCAT (center) and Bailey Stiles (right) shot by Noel McGrath at The Carry Nation




Your friendship- evident both on set at the photoshoot and the night before, when you did a four hour back-to-back DJ set at The Carry Nation- is so beautiful. How would you describe your relationship with each other?


Haram: Dynamic. Shameless. Water + air friend love. Ripe for fanfiction lol. 

Kerrie: We’re definitely sister wives.


Was there a moment you realized that y'all were friends?


Kerrie: We had a skype conversation which turned into a four hour therapy session…. for me.

Haram: I think there was a moment I realized I didn't have a choice.


How does your relationship with each other make each other a better person?


Kerrie: Zubeyda has brought out/ reminded me of a part of myself that I had been losing over the last few years. Zu’s influence on my life has made me a happier more carefree person.

Haram: Bearcat would never hesitate to hit me with the, “Excuse me, bitch?” It’s very important.


Kerrie in the Pentagram Harness with son Kush

Photos by Tayler Smith. Hair by Sean Homme, Makeup Artist (while simultaneously modeling!) Kerrie Ann Bearcat Murphy, Stylist Martin Tordby


What is your favorite thing about each other?


Kerrie: She’s my favorite comedian. 

Haram: I could never pick one thing! Kerrie has been a reliable and trustworthy friend through so many different places / experiences.


What are some ways you challenge each other?


 Kerrie keeps asking me to play words with friends.


How would you describe each other in one word?


Kerrie: FLAMES

Haram: Wifey

Haram in the X Uniwire Bra, X Satin Garter and Satin Cutout Thong




Are there any other women in your life that give you life? If so, how integral are they to your creativity and work?


Haram: Yes, SO MANY! My sis Precolumbian directly inspired and empowered me to learn to DJ, Moor Mother has always challenged me to upgrade and honor my music, Genesis Martinez-Crespo encourages me to be expansive, and also taught me to not dismiss art as some hobby of the upper class, Roldine aka Auntiie really helps me understand the power of femininity for real, Monika Estrella Negra is the voice of reason when it comes to not getting distracted by mediocrity.

Women and femmes made me, these are just a few friends that I'm close to. I owe everything to the girls.


Who were some of your muses growing up?


Kerrie: Tina Turner, Cher, Kelis, Busta Rhymes, The Cranberries, Missy Elliott but I was actually obsessed with violinst Vannessa Mae from really really young.

Haram: Myself. It’s a cold world lol


Haram in the Lunette Satin Bra


Kerrie, you recently organized a fundraiser for the Oakland Fire Relief fund, and Haram, you are a co-founder of the legal fundraiser party series (f)LAWLESS. Why do you feel it’s important to give back?


Kerrie: I grew up surviving in spaces like that and even up until this day D.I.Y spaces play a huge role in my work. The list of causes are endless however, I was just involved in a fundraiser just last week that will benefit Planned Parenthood, Callen Lorde and the NYC Immigration Coalition. These next four years and maybe beyond are very uncertain for our community.


Haram: For me it's not really “giving back,” like charity, it's like throwing rent parties in a country with a normalized police state that is really costly to people, friends day to day. Supporting each other through whatever fucked up economic circumstance is important especially in places like Philly, Oakland, NYC, where income inequality even in our “community” is the drastic but not often spoken about or re-distributed. It’s not even about supporting survival/crisis oriented things only, invest in your friends and you’ll never go broke.







You both just toured Europe together and regularly fly around the world to DJ -what has your experience been sharing your work with the world?


Haram: It is a humbling and gratifying experience to be able to play in front of so many different audiences and line-ups. It involves a lot of trusting that the music/sounds can communicate for me. 

Kerrie: It’s fascinating and wonderful but like any job it doesn't come without its challenges.


You are both represented by Discwoman. What has your experience been like as a woman in the music industry and why did you choose to sign with this agency?


Kerrie: It wasn't until we were regularly working together that the politics of my gender in this industry hit home to be really honest. I had experienced so much blatant racism that my gender was a secondary on the list. Feels very powerful to have the support of a team that understands the full spectrum.


Kerrie, you created the runway show mix for Chromat’s AW16 Lumina runway show:


And your created an original score for the 2016 documentary "Chromat: Body Electric".  What was your experience like with these 2 projects?


Kerrie: Both incredible experiences and real pivotal points in my career. I look forward to doing many more projects like this in the future.


Haram, you are creating the runway show mix for our upcoming AW17 runway show on February 10th. We’re so excited!! Can you give us a hint on what’s to come?

Haram: Sounds to get ready for battle to.





What article of clothing or way of presenting makes you feel powerful?


Kerrie: I love long and dramatic wig’s and ponytails, instant power, instant diva, hair flick’s for everyone.


Haram: I rely on being able to be centered internally to feel powerful in whatever way I'm presenting. Society thinks a body like mine is up for discussion, always. I just need to block out pretty much everyone and then I can feel powerful. Lol. The ritual of putting together a look is great for getting in the right head space.


Haram in the Patent Garter Cage, Kerrie in the X Uniwire Bra 


What is your favorite Chromat piece and why?


Kerrie: Going by my instagram you may have noticed that I am slightly obsessed with my face harnesss [the Pentagram Face Mask]!!!! It’s amazing and I love wearing it when I play. Makes that side of me feel complete.


A video posted by BEARCAT (@b_e_a_r_c_a_t) on

Pentagram Face Mask

Kerrie's fav: the Pentagram Face Mask


Haram: I really liked wearing the White Garter Cage Bustier. I like wearing things you can't just wear casually, and I like white leather.

A photo posted by 🎺 (@djharam) on


Patent Garter Bustier Cage

Haram's fav: the Patent Garter Cage


What does it feel like to be in your body as a Queer Woman of Color?


Kerrie: Recently I had no choice but to think about my body and image and really learn to love it whatever the weather, because it transformed a lot while I was healing from multiple injuries, which basically resulted in 3 years of bed rest. I had no control of anything, my arms hulked up from crutches and everything wasn’t what it was, but it was my queerness that helped me to accept what was happening and STILL love myself regardless.

Now I am back in an able body, back in society it’s interesting having this body. I guess to most I don’t read as “queer” so regular people will engage with me until they notice the hair on my body, and then they stop lol! I’m cool with that.


How was your experience on set with the Chromat team and Tayler Smith?

Haram: It was great, everyone was really on it but the vibe was still laid back. I want to have a secret studio where I can chill in that lingerie and fur get up.

Kerrie: The most amazing and special!!! THANK YOU CHROMAT


Haram in the Patent Garter Cage, Kerrie in the Patent Harness Bustier




What projects are you interested in exploring in the future?


Haram: More music, solo releases and and stuff with 700 BLISS (collaborative project with Moor Mother). Exploring visuals and collaborating with more visual artists, photographers, and film makers. 

Kerrie: I want to write a memoir


If not music, what other creative field would you like to explore that you haven't already?


Kerrie: Music videos

Haram: It's still music related but I would like to do more curating.



And lastly, what are you doing for Galentines Day?


Kerrie: Trying to get booked, what’s up? lol

Haram: I'm trying to go to Club Onyx with some friends.




Behind the scenes with photographer Tayler Smith and Kush
Stylist: Martin Tordby (featuring boots by Brother Vellies)
Dog Whisperer: Christine McCharen-Tran with Kush
Polaroids and interview by Becca McCharen-Tran
Hear more of BEARCAT's sounds here:
Hear more of DJ HARAM's sounds here: