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AW16: Lumina

The Chromat Autumn/Winter 2016 LUMINA Collection is inspired by the color theory and light explorations of conceptual artists Robert Irwin and Dan Flavin combined with the biological functions of electroluminescence.


Producer: Christine Tran, Claire Fitzsimmons; Front of House Production: John Pizzolato, Jessica Allen; Public Relations: International Playground; Production Management: Tiffany Norman at Prodject; Sound: BEARCAT + HD; Casting Director: Gilleon Smith; Stylist: Edda Gudmun

Hair Lead: Jon Reyman for AVEDA; Makeup Lead: Fatima Thomas and the M·A·C PRO Team; Manicurist: Eda Levenson of Lady Fancy Nails for Floss Gloss; Set Designer: Michael Potvin of Nitemind Creative; Technical Director: Rich Gershberg; Lighting: IMCD Lighting; Audio: ADI Worldwide; Intel Engineering Team: Manan Goel, Lakshman Krishnamurthy, Prabhakar R Datta, Karli Cengija; Stretch Sense Team: Benjamin O'Brien, Shin Jeong Park, Todd Gisby; 3D Body Scanning: Sketchfab; Livestream: Nitemind Creative; Virtual Reality: Winslow Turner Porter III, Josh + Jason Diamond, Ben Schwartz, Alberto Leon

Chromat Senior Designer: Alyse Schriefer; Chromat Staff: Ben Ritter, Kathryn Formoso, Coco Layne, Ellen Krikorian; Chromat Interns: Yani Li, Tolu Aremu, Vivian Loh, Shannon Smiley

Models: Denise Bidot at MUSE, Sabina Karlsson at JAG, Lauren Wasser at Supreme, Alex Eneme, Raquel and Alisar at Red, Joli at 28 Models, Aria, Zu at Americana, Tamara, Meghan Takahashi at APM, Julia, Nika at MSA, Erin at Request, L’ka at Surface, Safara and Stephanie at St Claire, Nila at State, Ya, Elsie at Fenton, Alayah at New York Model, Monika and Isabella at Wilhelmina, Jordan at Women 360, Dakota Moore at Q, Sophie Lloyd, Isis King, Juliana Huxtable.

Thanks to MADE Fashion Week and Milk Studios for their generous support. Thanks to Todd Harple, Sandra Lopez, Brenda Lynch, Brian Krzanich, Danielle Brown and the Intel Innovation team for collaborating on adaptive garments. Thanks to Doc Martens. Special thanks to Alex Rose and Ross Asdourian.

The Intel® Curie™ module has not yet been authorized as required by the rules of the Federal Communications Commission. These devices are not, and may not be, offered for sale or lease, or sold or leased, until authorization is obtained. For more information visit:

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