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The #ChromatBABE Guard's POOL RULES

The Babeguard
No diving? How about no intolerance.

Introducing the Chromat Pool Rulesyour new guide to summer:

1. Intolerance Not Tolerated
2. Food-Shaming Not Permitted
3. No Age Restrictions
4. Scars + Stretch Marks Welcome
5. All Body Hair Appreciated
6. All Abilities Accepted
7. Respect Mandatory Pronouns
8. Celebrate Cellulite
9. Unrestricted LGBTQ+ PDA
10. Body Policing Prohibited
pool rules inclusive

Meet the #ChromatBABE Guard

Get to know the 5 inspiring #ChromatBABES making sure our POOL RULES are followed: Mama Cax, Ericka Hart, Geena Rocero, Emme and Denise Bidot.


liberating free women power happy sexy
Mama Cax in the Launch Top and Launch Bottom

Who are you looking out for as a member of the Babeguard? 

I'm looking out for the babes with scars, for the babes with disabilities who often feel uncomfortable in these spaces.
pool water swimwear disabilities confidence
Mama Cax in the Launch Top and Launch Bottom

What does it mean to be a #ChromatBABE?

To be a #ChromatBABE is to be fearless and feel sexy even though I'm not expected to be. But also empower other babes to feel the same way.
women power swimwear pool swim
Mama Cax in the Arc Top and Launch Bottom

How did it feel to be on set shooting the #ChromatBABE Guard campaign? 

It felt liberating, to see every women looking comfortable, happy and sexy.
pool swimwear warm summer energy power
Mama Cax in the Launch Top and  Launch Bottom

What is your favorite Chromat piece?

Ooh there are so many but the X Bustier Suit I wore has the perfect balance of athletic wear and chicness and sexy.
The color compliments my red undertone and the geometrical shapes accentuate my curve.  I could wear it to a pool party but also some extreme water sport.
Mama Cax in the X Bustier Suit


Who are you looking out for as a member of the Babeguard?

Im looking out for black queer and trans people, especially femmes. Going to a pool can be really hard for queer and trans folks as most bathing suits tend to not fit our various gender expressions. Feminine presenting folks are often met with unwanted harassment, so I am always looking out for femmes to feel comfortable and safer in public spaces.
Safety and comfort looks like maintaining a safer space. Safety is something that has to be managed with constancy. Rules are only successful if someone or a group of people are not seeing to that those rules are being followed while protecting/believing those who may be impacted if a rule is broken.

Ericka Hart in the Mikito Suit

What does it mean to be a #ChromatBABE?

It means that I get to look really hot and trendy on the beach and at pools wearing a brand that genuinely cares about my existence at all of my intersections (Black queer disabled femme)
Ericka Hart in the Airdrop Bikini and Geena Rocero in the Amelia Ribbed Suit

How did it feel to be on set shooting the #ChromatBABE Guard campaign? 

I honestly felt a bit intimidated. My imposter syndrome gets the best of me at photoshoots as I have always desired to be a model but have been told in so many ways that I don’t fit the mode. Although I do every face mask under the sun and make sure my skin will glow cause I have drank all of the water before the shoot, I still second guess myself. However, Chromat is actually THE ONLY brand that does NOT entertain my imposter syndrome and makes me feel like the model I have always wanted to be. The other models, crew, makeup artist, photographers, videographers are always so welcoming and kind. I have been on shoots where the only person that said hello was the photographer. Chromat is unfortunately/fortunately unique, and I’m grateful to be taken care of and elevated when on set with them.
Mama Cax in the Mikito Mesh Suit and Ericka Hart in the Launch Suit

What is your favorite Chromat piece? 

This is hard!! I have to pick one!?
If I have to choose only one, The Mikito Suit! I feel so incredible good in this suit. I love the high waist sheer cover leaving a bit of mystery of what that upper thigh looks like! I love the orange/Red colors on my skin! The cut in the back is a bit low but not too low which I also like. And you get side boob views! It’s definitely up there as my favorite.


Who are you looking out for as a member of the Babeguard? 

I look out for all babes to own their space, be aware of what they bring to the table, who they are and not wait for someone else to explain their value, uniqueness, and fierce character.  When we create our own comfort and safety in public and vulnerable spaces/situations we tap into our power. Know who our audience is at all times.  Walk into every situation with love not fear and to think, look and listen to everything going on around us so we can take care of ourselves at all times.

Emme in the Saldana Suit

What does it mean to be a #ChromatBABE?

Being a #ChromatBabe is saying "yes" to challenges, stepping out and being a bad ass even when all senses tell you not to, and owning exactly who you are in any given moment.
 Emme in the Delta X Suit

How did it feel to be on set shooting the #ChromatBABE Guard campaign? 

I really had such a good time, sharing the #ChromatBABE moment with these amazing women who bring-it everyday in all they do.

What is your favorite Chromat piece?

I love two Chromat pieces, my white Patent Leather Bustier Cage I wear with a tight black deep scoop neck dress and my orange Delta X Suit with high cut mesh inserts...I feel powerful and the cut looks great on my athletic body!
Geena Rocero in the Outlined Top and Emme in the Delta X Suit


Geena Rocero in the Amelia Ribbed Suit and the Outlined Top

Who are you looking out for as a member of the Babeguard?

As one of the Babeguards, I’m lookin out for people who feels that they don’t belong on the public place, be it trans people of color, differently abled bodies, or someone that society doesn’t recognize as deserving of being in public places. I want them to know that they deserve every bit of celebration and enjoyment! As someone who for so long was living in shame about who I truly am, I am now in a place in my life where I can share my journey of Self Love and being prideful. I grew up in the Philippines, we’re surrounded by water, so I can proudly say that I’m a mermaid. During one of our shoot, I was positioned at the edge of the pool and just started singing Moana song “How Far I’ll Go” with photographer Anastasia Garcia, my inner island girl always comes out :)

swimwear empowering pool inclusive
Geena Rocero in the Outlined Top

What does it mean to be a #ChromatBABE?

As a #ChromatBABE I’m honored to join the legions of empowered and unapologetic beauties who proudly share our life’s experiences, laughter, scars, stretch marks, cellulite, vision and mission. We’re all Queeros in our own way and each one brings out the best in each other.
Geena Rocero in the Horizon Top

How did it feel to be on set shooting the #ChromatBABE Guard campaign?

It was an empowering day being on set. To be surrounded by colleagues who are more like family and community makes the whole day of running around Astoria Public Pool whole lot of fun. Shooting with other Chromat Babeguards made me feel appreciated, celebrated and affirmed. Campaigns, specifically Fashion campaigns should be like this, it’s intersectional and each one of us brings a perspective and dynamic voices in the way we engage in the world, while we’re wearing our swimsuits.
Denise Bidot in the Sunset Suit and Geena Rocero in the Amelia Ribbed Suit

What is your favorite Chromat piece? 

All of it!!! But if I really have to choose one (for now, ha) I love the Red Ribbed Amelia suit. It fits me well and it accentuates my broad shoulders. It’s also something that I can wear anywhere, just add a red hot tight jeans and I’m off to a art gallery opening. Or add a tight pencil cut skirt for date night. Or a short shorts and sneaker for a summer walking around NYC.


Via her essay in Teen Vogue: As summer comes around each year I tend to ruminate about the fear many women face: Swimsuit Season. While numerous ladies look forward to gracing the pool with their presence, I know there are girls out there who become anxiety ridden and think “how am I going to conceal all of this?” and that anxiety goes for all sizes. I know women who are a size 2 and are terrified of being judged.
power swimwear pool babe
Denise Bidot in the Tidal Suit
Summer is a time of celebration, BBQ’s, friends, family and belly laughs, but it’s also a scary time for many women. “What am I going to wear to the beach?”, they think. My name’s Denise, I’m a model and one of the founding pioneers of the body positivity movement. I’ve seen more and more women embracing who they are by stepping out, confidently wearing the chic swimwear they once could only dream of.
Brand’s like Chromat have created swim styles that make all women, from curvy to disabled, confident while they bask in the sun all summer long. We have options now, and the transformation is so profound thanks to these brave brands who are stepping up and changing the rules of the game.
power industry pool rules women empowering
Denise Bidot in the Sunset Bikini and  Ericka Hart in the Launch Suit
Since modeling for Chromat last week at Astoria Park Pool for their super moving swim campaign, alongside some of the most inspiring women who are also advocates for change within the fashion industry, I wanted to reiterate something. Our bodies are where we live and therefore we need to show ourselves unconditional love from the inside out. When you look in the mirror, it’s important to love what you see, and to own that, no? The shoot was focused on their new set of “Pool Rules” to celebrate inclusion at the pool and beyond.
lifegaurd women pool power
Denise Bidot in the Mica Ribbed Bikini
How can we show ourselves this love? I personally love my body and am aligned with Chromat and their rules. What I hear from girls is “how do you do it Denise?” and “how can I be that confident?” and the reality is, it’s baby steps. The desire to want to execute this self love is the first step in that process. But we can only do so much on our own, we all need support from outsiders. That is where the fashion industry comes in. Chromat get it. Kudos to Becca McCharen-Tran and her team (my family) for being one of the first and most consistent brands to drive these values home through design, fashion and fun. Chromat is for everyone. They understand their responsibility to stand behind being the change the world has been waiting to see; in fashion and beyond. Without the fashion industry getting behind this notion of inclusivity, we cannot and will not move forward. It’s just a fact. As designers, they have so much influence and it’s important that they use their voice to promote inclusivity across the board. There was a time, not too long ago, when we were seeing curvy girls on almost every New York Fashion Week runway, and I would be lying if I said it remained the same. This cannot be looked at as a trend.
Denise Bidot in the Mica Ribbed Bikini
The set of the shoot reflected a celebration of new “Pool Rules”, making Swimsuit Season truly comfortable for everyone. My fellow models and I all felt free, like we were a part of something that will not only be seen but also heard (with a scream). There’s a voice behind these images. One of Chromat’s Pool Rules is “Food-Shaming Not Permitted” and to capture the essence of this very statement, I scooped some of my favorite Cheetos snacks off the rippled caustics and the message felt so powerful to me, but also so fun. With killer makeup by Fatima, I felt like a goddess with my bold blue eye as Anastasia snapped the girls next to the pool. I remember thinking, what other brands have left me feeling so empowered? (still thinking…). Other Chromat Pool Rules include, Scars + Stretch Marks Welcome, Body Hair Appreciated, All Abilities Accepted and Celebrate Cellulite, to name a few. Another vision I emulated was “Celebrate Cellulite” — did you know that 90 percent of women have cellulite? Well don’t forget that statistic ladies, because it’s true and we shouldn’t be so ashamed of what’s natural and healthy.
Denise Bidot in the Mica Ribbed Bikini
I wrap each Chromat shoot and leave each catwalk feeling loved and supported, by my peers and the fashion industry. Every time I leave, I know I am contributing to a better tomorrow, a better future for the next generation. That is how it should always be, and hey, it doesn’t hurt that the collection is badass. It’s my hope that more brands look to Chromat as their inspiration for change. While we wait for the rest of the brands to get on board, I can’t wait to rock my Chromat suits all summer long. I am forever proud to be a #ChromatBabe.
cheetos pool summer swimwear sexy
Geena Rocero in the Horizon Top and  Denise Bidot in the Sunset Suit 
women empowering pool

Thank you to the #ChromatTEAM for bringing this to life!

Concept and Production: Berlin Cameron
Photo: Anastasia Garcia 
Casting: Gilleon Smith
Video: Grace Naw & Coco Layne
Video Colorist: Mary Perrino
Video Score: "Revolution (Girls In The Yard Intro)" By BOSCO and Speakerfoxx
Hair: Beth Shanefelter 
Makeup: Fatima ThomasMAC Cosmetics with Shaun Gibson and Van Truong
Nails: Eda & Anna Levenson, Lady Fancy Nails
Accessories: Chris Habana and Adam Selman
Stylist: Martin Tordby
On Set Assistants: Annelise  Noonan, Ashley Akaeze, Lex Norris
booty women power swimwear

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