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Nas'tassia in the Strata Suit

(F)empower is a collective, a magazine, an event and a future.

 It was created for, inspired by and exists to celebrate the work of femmes in the South Florida community. It’s a girl gang elevating fem energy for a more balanced world. It is art, activism and healing.

It is about connecting and growing together and, ultimately, changing what it’s like to be a femme in South Florida.  

We had the honor to link up with the Fempower crew to co-host a Miami Swim Week party at The Standard. While we were there, we collaborated with Fempower photographer Lex Morales to shoot (on 35mm) our summer #ChromatSWIM collection at their headquarters in Little Haiti and on the serene beaches of Key Biscayne.

Scroll on to meet some of the Fempower creatives in new #ChromatSWIM

Photos by Lex Morales, makeup by Daniel Webb for Mac Cosmetics, styled by Yazmine


Creative practice: Artist (paint, charcoal)

What inspires you about working with Fempower:

Being a queer brown woman in a society that’s constantly dragging you down spiritually and emotionally, Fempower is an oasis of loving and INSPIRING femme creatives that nurture each other in all aspects 

What does it mean to be a #ChromatBABE:

Whatever you identify as, bottom line: a bad ass bitch


Creative Practice:

My creative practice is more about turning my thoughts and feelings into visual representations of who I am and what I’m going through at that moment. Whether that is styling and using clothing and art direction, taking self portraits or creating photo stories, it’s a way of dissecting what I’m feeling and using it to inspire others or at the very least show them a version of being human that they might not be able to easily express themselves.

What inspires you about working with Fempower:

I have always believed being femme was a form of strength. In a world where femininity is likened to weakness, I felt like it was my mission to show the opposite. But it seemed that to be seen as strong and capable, I had to embody more masculine qualities just to be respected and taken seriously. Fempower has given me the opportunity to show how femininity is a powerful energy, and this strength is not just performative. Everyone in the collective defines being femme differently and we are all involved in multiple forms of artistic and activist expression. It is the only place I have felt like I can be myself and do not have to do things a certain way in order to validate my strength, talent and femininity. I can be me, and that is fempower! 

What does it mean to be a #ChromatBABE:

To be a Chromat babe is to celebrate all that I am without editing myself. To embody all of my contradictions and wear them as a badge of honor. Who I am is way more complicated than just being a girl, and Chromat welcomes all of those pieces of you that the rest of the fashion industry feels shouldn’t be seen.


Creative Practice: Photography, Graphic Design and Event Production 

What inspires you about working with Fempower:

(F)empower is the only way I know how to make sense of the world burning and living in the Trumpocalypse. In the face of the white supremacy and the patriarchy, the only thing that makes sense is taking back our power together. Loving each other, learning and unlearning together, fighting our oppressors fiercely and basking in the power and beauty that comes finding your true self, sharing sisterhood and community. Growing wings to fly above it all! 

What does it mean to be a #ChromatBABE:

Being a Chromat babe means fiercely existing beyond all binaries. It’s the glowing from swimming in your own skin again. Being so damn confident in yourself that you give permission for others to do the same. And empowering every femme around you in the process.


Elle in the T Suit 


Creative Practice: Womenswear, art and zines 

What inspires you about working with Fempower:

I think that a lot of changes need to be made with Miami’s creative scene, and Fempower is at the forefront of that change. It’s truly inspiring to see a collective like this targeting change from every single standpoint the problems root from, and even more inspiring to see this happening in my home city. 

What does it mean to be a #ChromatBABE?

For me it means being strong and proud of who you are no matter what that looks or feels like


Creative practice: Vintage clothing curator 

What inspires you about working with Fempower:

The sisterhood. The support. Just being a part of a growing network of individuals who have the common goal of uniting and adding value to our communities.

What does it mean to be a #ChromatBABE:

Loving and accepting yourself; flaws and all. :)

Rae in the Strata Bodysuit with makeup artist Daniel Webb Priscillia in the Strata Suit, Sabel in the Horizon Top and Lindsey Bottom


Creative Practice: Performance artist and writer

What does it mean to be a #ChromatBABE?

It means more to me then I can honestly explain. Being a Chromat babe is huge because Chromat as a brand celebrates femininity, diversity, transgender and strong beings of the LGBTQ community and people that have overcome conflicts in their lives. Furthermore for Becca and Helen to give me the opportunity as not just a boy in drag but a woman and person that always excludes femme energy makes me more than excited to be apart of their brand. I am a #ChromatBabe!

What inspires you about working with Fempower:

The same reasons of working with Chromat- it’s a feminine energy gang. While being empowering they’re always looking to inspire and get people involved. It’s one of those YMCA clubs that are for people that exclude confidence in sexuality and being a powerful human being. Fempower is just a growing community of femme babes around the world. It literally spells (F)EMPOWER and that’s exactly what their doing.


Creative Practice: Musician, Songwriter & Producer 

What inspires you about working with Fempower:

It is inspirational to work together with Fempower because of all of the strong spirited femmes who care about the world in a big way. Just having a connection with a group of femmes that hold and work to create space for us all to live authentically is energizing and special. This is heavy work, and all from the heart. 

What does it mean to be a #ChromatBABE?

To be a Chromat Babe means being who I am and knowing that what I bring to life is valid and I'm not afraid to show it honey!!


Creative practice: Event production, artist management, DJ 

What inspires you about working with Fempower:

Working with Fempower inspires me to be secure in the space I hold. It gives me confidence to believe in my ideas and support other creative femmes who don’t fit the status quo. It has helped me grow into my strength and experience being a woman in a different light. 

What does it mean to be a #ChromatBABE:

Being a #ChromatBABE means loving my skin and not being afraid to embrace the things that make me unique.


Creative practice: Musician and Model

What inspires you about working with Fempower:

The amount strength and knowledge you get every time we gather we share our experiences and advice and love to help each other in anyway. 

What does it mean to be a #ChromatBABE?

To be free to love your yourself without any explanations

Sabel in the Horizon Top and Lindsey BottomPriscillia in the Sunset Suit,  Helen in the Leyna Top and Baseline Bottom, Rae in the Strata Bodysuit


Creative practice: DJ, Model, Stylist 

What inspires you about working with Fempower:

Having the ability to inspire young girls of color to enter the art scene. Growing up making music in my room without any platform like Fempower to look at made me feel alone. I want to show girls that they're not alone, and there’s have so many other femmes that can relate to their story that are willing to help.

What does it mean to be a #ChromatBABE:

EMPOWERMENT. Regardless of what size everyone looks beautiful in a Chromat piece on the beach. Styling and being able to model for such an iconic brand, with other beautiful people means so much!


Creative Practice: Model and Stylist

What inspires you about working with Fempower:

There’s so much genuine love in the space it’s almost unbearable. The collective energy is so strong that it’s almost tangible, and because of that, I feel like I can do anything. If I can’t, I know someone in Fempower can and is more than willing to show me the way.

What does it mean to be a #ChromatBABE:

Being a #ChromatBABE to me is freedom. Freedom to do, feel, or wear whatever I want and to be 100% comfortable (both physically and mentally) doing it.

Suzi Analogue in the Mikito Mesh SuitTama Gucci in the Horizon SuitElle in the T Suit

Elle in the T Suit
Sabel in the Horizon Top and Lindsey Bottom, Nas'tassia in the Strata Suit Rae in the Strata Bodysuit


Creative practice: Fine artist and documenter.

What inspires you about working with Fempower:

Being apart of a community of femmes that will not judge you, will welcome you with open arms & creatively boost you & motivate you. Fempower showed me that there are creative, real people wanting to work with each other & not against one another. Eternally grateful for this collective & everything it stands for. 

What does it mean to be a #ChromatBABE:

Unconditionally loving myself & rock every follicle, stretch mark, & sagging skin no matter where I am, at anytime. It means having the confidence & strength to step on anyone who thinks otherwise.

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