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At Chromat, we often hear things like, “Who wears this?” and “Where can you wear this?” or things like “You can’t exactly wear this to the office” and “It’s not for grocery shopping!” The list could go on. While we work every season to reconcile wearability with our directional aesthetic, we wanted to provide some more wearable inspiration in a post we like to call, “#DAYLOOKS”.


Chromat lives for nightlife, and our look pairs perfectly with the club, but we love when Chromat sees the light of day. After all, our first cages were designed to be worn as an outer layer over your existing wardrobe, like this Zipper Half Cage, worn over a simple t-shirt. The look is easy, exciting, and dare we say, subtle? (Okay for Chromat, this is a subtle day look.)


Take the look a step further with the Symmetrical Full Cage, which accents both the upper and lower body. Here, Chromat is toned down with a white tee and denim shorts. We love the contrast of Chromat and casual!


Chromat cages are built for layering. With body-hugging cages like the Bolt Cage and the Shoji Corset, they can layer over a dress and under a jacket for a bold-but-not-too-bold, put-together, undeniably cool day look.


Our Underwire Bralette is one of our best sellers for a reason: yes, it’s sexy and edgy (and fits like a dream), but it’s also arguably one of our most versatile pieces. While it needs no complimentary layering options (as evidenced by Little Mix, Cassie and Nicki Minaj), you can layer it over (like with this #CHIC dress shirt hot pant combo) or layered under a sheer top (we love this sheer collared button-down tucked into leather short combination as well).


The possibilities are ENDLESS, friends. If you’re the kind of Chromat fan we think you are, then you can probably put together a #ChromatDayLook in your sleep, but for the more faint of heart, take our tips and put them to good use! Every piece of Chromat needs a little bit of sun.

Got a killer Chromat day look that you want to share? tag your photo with #ChromatDayLook on Instagram or photo-reply to our Facebook post!

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