MEET THE CHROMAT TEAM | Kathryn - Production Coordinator

November 21 2014
Hailing from Philly, Kathryn may look sweet on the outside, but she's actually made of steely determination, grit, and fluffy Pomeranian fur (c/o of her one-eyed pup Jack). She is our shining beacon of light and runs the studio production team with the calculated precision of the Chromed Metropolis Dress.
Season after season, her technical ingenuity helps Chromat transform structural designs into a wearable reality. Kathryn is a #ChromatBABE because she harnesses her femininity with a powerful, effervescent presence that is all her own.

What do you do at Chromat?
 Help out with anything that needs to get done.

What is your favorite Chromat cage? Swimsuit?
The Underwire Bralette is the most accessible and versatile, I'd say.
My favorite swimsuit is the X Bustier Suit and the Underbust Uniform Top.

What is your idea of the perfect day?
Hanging out by the water and being served food and drinks. At night all of my favorite bands would play and all my friends would be there and I'd probably be wearing a gown. This is a rough sketch of my wedding day. You're all invited.

What is #1 on your bucket list?
To have a fleet of dogs

Jack, the one-eyed Pomeranian pictured wearing a custom crown and collar cage.

What is your favorite place in New York?
I went to this crazy drone room called the Dream House. It was created by Lamont Young in the 60's i believe. It's all about light and sound. It's so amazing, there are pillows around and you can just hang out. I think it's free too.
What song is stuck in your head?
'Doctor' by Priests.

Chromat is all about strong, powerful women. Who is a strong, powerful woman you admire?
My girlfriend Ashley because she is the most talented, hard-working, aware and considerate person that i know. And v cute. She's the best.

Follow Kathryn on Instagram for pupdates and more: @kformoso

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