MEET THE CHROMAT TEAM | Alyse - Senior Designer

November 14 2014

This holiday season, we're sitting down and taking a hot minute to get to know the people behind the cage here at Chromat Headquarters. Up first is our resident dark angel and Senior Designer, Alyse.
Alyse has been at the helm of fleshing out our collections since May 2013 and has a total of six seasons under her Axis belt. She's a #ChromatBABE because of her unwavering deliberateness, wickedly creative mind, and she isn't afraid to take risks. 

What do you do at Chromat?
I do a lot of design work: sketching, ideating, sourcing new materials, pattern making and sampling of new ideas. I also assist with in-house production as we make all of our cages to order.

Who are your favorite fashion designers?
Right now I'm obsessed with Jacquemus and also Melitta Baumeister. I love the clean exaggerated shapes they create.

Chromat is all about strong, powerful women. Who is a strong, powerful woman you admire?
My grandmother. She's one of the most creative, unique and independent women I know. She's been building this crazy Victorian home with her bare hands for the last 20 years. She's approaching 80 and still follows her creative vision and climbs up on a ladder to make it happen.

What is your favorite place in New York?
My apartment. I enjoy spending time and being creative in my own space. But if I'm going out to dinner, my favorite restaurant is Marlow & Sons. It's a real treat. I also love King Noodle & the Narrows in Bushwick.

What 3 things are you into right now?
Cris Cleen's Tattoo Work
Taking my cat (Lady Dracula) for walks
Installation Artist Tony Oursler

What is your favorite Chromat Cage? Swimsuit?
Right now I'm still diggin' on the bandage tops from SS14, I've got one in black and white. The AW14 Metal is also amazing.

Alyse in the Bandage Top

Want to know more?
Follow Alyse on instagram: @alyseschriefer

Be sure to check back next friday for our next #ChromatTEAM feature!