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Celebrate Galentine's Day with Dark Sister

Friday, February 13th isn't just the day of our AW15 Runway Show (livestream link coming soon!), its also Galentine's Day - which means it's time to celebrate the bonds you have with your favorite gal pals.
Female friendship is one of the most powerful bonds Chromat Babes have- supporting, empowering, and protecting each other.

To get in the spirit of Galentine's Day, we joined forces with the ultimate grrrl team Tiffany (left) and Jessi (right)- who together form the music duo Dark Sister- for a look at what bringing out the best in your BFF is all about.
Photos by Kelly Kai.

Tiffany (left) in the Underwire Half Cage and B-Ball Shorts
Jessi (right) in the Underwire Bralette


How does your best friend make you a better person?

J: Tiff challenges me to go a step too far, she reaffirms my belief that too much is never enough, and when I feel like I should hold back so the world can catch up she’s like, "No, go." One thing we always say to each other is "Do You", and we really really really mean it. She allows me to be myself at all times.

T: Jessi helps me lighten up! We have such a balanced dynamic. She’s an air sign (Gemini) and I’m an earth sign (Virgo). She lifts me up and I, in turn, help ground her. As a friend, she gives me unconditional love and understands and accepts me, even at my darkest or most intense. She helps me free myself from the prison of my mind, sometimes. Knowing that there is someone that you can share absolutely anything with, that you can do soul-level work with, can do wonders for your own growth and expansion. She gives me confidence when I have none, and helped to birth the confidence in me to follow my dreams and to speak my truth.


Tiffany in the V-Garter
Jessi in the Thin Lines Bra


Was there a moment you realized that y'all were best friends?

J: Probably after going out one night and making up songs in my car and writing them down on garbage in my passenger seat floorboard.

T: The infinite moment of now.

Tiffany in the Mesh V Underwear and V Garter 

What is your favorite thing about the other person?

J: Tiffany is 100% no bullshit and does her own thing forever. She won’t be held back from doing what her heart desires, nor would she dare hold anyone else back!

T: Jessi is unabashedly herself. She is bold and daring. A true free spirit with a huge heart. She has traversed the void to become a butterfly (sugar, baby). 


Tiffany in the Pentagram Harness


How would you describe each other in one word?

J: Ascended

T: Warrior/Priestess


Tiffany in the Kimono Harness and Patent Hot Pants
Jessi in the O-Ring Bustier


What's your favorite Chromat piece?

J: I like the Kimono Harness. It's straightforward and comfortable. 

Kimono Harness

T: The Sport Lace-Up Wedges. They look commanding, strong, and feminine - the way I think platform shoes, or really any shoes should. They also look like nothing else…I love that they look more utilitarian than delicate. (Now if only y’all made bags…Do you know how hard it is to find a tough purse?!) 

Sport Lace-Up Wedge - Black 


Tiffany in the Suspension Bodysuit


What item of clothing makes you feel strong and powerful?

J: Military issue boots!!! I wear Corcoran tanker boots with everything, they transition between all my looks and make me ready for the apocalypse, the snow, the haters, whatever.

T: My boots, also. Goretex lined, 7 eyelets. 


Jessi (left) in the Patent BustierTiffany in the Suspension Bodysuit


How would you spend your Galentine's Day together?

J: Going out to eat probably somewhere we have been a ton of times and being really jolly with the server and amping each other up about how much food we’re gonna eat and how we are gonna destroy the plate and cackling with anticipation and encouraging each other when a really innovative technique is used to integrate sauce or dipping stuff.

T: Maybe we would conquer our mutual greatest fear and go get our bellybuttons pierced. 

Tiffany (right) in the Chromed Bralette
Jessi (left) in the Mesh Bodysuit and Metropolis Corset


What does it feel like to be onstage, behind a mic, in front of a crowd?

J: Incredibly powerful, definitely dangerous, exhilarating, also like a trance and like a home that I love to go back to. 

T: Surreal - or maybe hyperreal ? Definitely a return. When i perform i black out. I have no idea what i’m doing. She is we but not me.

If not music, what other creative field would you like to explore that you haven't already?

J: I’m rediscovering my love for drawing lately. I've also always been a makeup lover and enjoy spending hours creating new looks or trying out ones I've seen. I would love to get back into ballet, write and direct films, and even casting someone else's film greatly interests me. Being creative director on photoshoots is another thing I would like to explore more. I want to create a comic or manga series of my life. I could fill this section to the brim and never be done to be honest.

T: I think I would enjoy acting - channelling different aspects. Also I've wanted to be a writer since I was a child. Poetry was always my thing. I want to write nonfiction. We have been working with our brother/father (that’s what we call him) Leaf on a collection of books on Temple Kali - an invisible institute dedicated to the release of the dark feminine, the unfoldment of ascension towards 5th dimensional awareness, union with the higher self.


Tiffany (top) in the Thin Lines Bralette and Underwear
Jessi (bottom) in the Mesh Bodysuit and Metropolis Corset


How was your experience working with photographer Kelly Kai and the Chromat team on set?

T: Intense but in the best way. In my memory it’s a whirlwind of laughter. I have never done a more focused or body-positive shoot, everything about it was beautiful. Kelly is a natural and always a joy to be around. The Chromat Team is such an inspiring collection of powerful women who are truly working to create change. I feel truly blessed and will never forget it.

J: Kelly is one of my favorite people I've met in Brooklyn, I'm consistently so impressed with her skill. Naturally I love working with her because I know she will do the best job, plus she has this way of putting you where you need to be to get the best image that makes me feel really comfortable. The Chromat Team was great to work with and the whole experience made me feel great about myself. Being surrounded by women I admire and being admired right back by them is such a holy feeling, essential to my being.

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