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The Chromat SS15: Formula 15 collection drew inspiration from the work of Sol LeWitt: a pioneer of the Conceptual and Minimalist movements of the 60's and 70's.
LeWitt's work covers a wide range of mediums including sculpture, drawing, printmaking, photography, and painting. His legacy is rooted in his firm belief in artists being the generators of ideas, and the ideas being the work of art itself.


Wall Drawing #260


"Sol LeWitt’s wall drawings are the result of a set of drawing instructions directly carried out onto a determined wall. Those instructions are brief and relatively simple— ‘[draw] ten thousand straight and ten thousand not straight lines’— while their results may vary in complexity and spatial extent. LeWitt’s instructions, or formulas, are the vehicles of those ideas.”

-Dial Art Foundation


The Sol Grid Dress

Wall Drawing #337


 Two part drawing. The wall is divided vertically into two parts. Each part is divided horizontally and vertically into four equal parts. 1st part: Lines in four directions, one direction in each quarter. 2nd part: Lines in four directions, superimposed progressively. 

Wall Drawing #51

All architectural points connected by straight lines.

The Odile Bustier

Wall Drawing #138 


Circles and arcs from the midpoints of four sides. 

Wall Drawing #328

On a black wall, a white circle within which are white vertical parallel lines, and a white parallelogram within which are white horizontal parallel lines. The vertical lines within the circle do not enter the parallelogram, and the horizontal lines within the parallelogram do not enter the circle.


2 (L-Shaped Modular Piece)


The 3D Printed Sport Lace Bra and 3D Printed Facemask

LeWitt conceived works of art that were fundamentally geometric and architectonic, and relied on the cube as a starting point for his explorations of space, time, form, volume, repetition, sequence, and variation. 

“Ideas cannot be owned. They belong to whoever understands them.” 

-Sol LeWitt
Incomplete Open Cube

"Successful art changes our understanding of the conventions by altering our perceptions. Perception of ideas leads to new ideas."

—Sol LeWitt, Sentences on Conceptual Art
Cubic-Modular Wall Structure
Sol Lewitt's work was especially influential in the development of the Chromat SS15: Formula 15 collection, which shares a conceptual parallel with LeWitt's Wall Drawing Series


While the variations of lines of LeWitt’s Wall Drawing Series drove Chromat’s strict geometric aesthetic, the conceptual side of this processed-based artwork also directly relates to the athletic practice of following a pre-determined workout plan. In this rule-based aerobic process, the body becomes the wall in which to record movements and marks; it is the work of art. 

Four Sided Pyramid 

Chromat Twerk Pant- Sol LeWitt FORMULA 15


The Extruded Cage Pant

Five Open Geometric Structures 

"What the work of art looks like isn’t too important. It has to look like something if it has a physical form. No matter what form it may finally have it must begin with an idea. It is the process of conception and realization with which the artist is concerned."

—Sol LeWitt

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