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Capturing Chromat | Q+A with Photographer Christine Hahn


We fell in love with Christine's photography after she shot incredible behind-the-scenes images at the Chromat AW14 Runway Show at Milk Made. Christine's crisp, vivid imagery has carved out a space for her in the world of fashion photography and her sharp eye is adept in creating a lush visual landscape for viewers.

Following the AW15 Runway Show, Chromat enlisted Christine again the next season, Chromat SS15, to shoot an editorial look book utilizing the power of light field photography with the Lytro ILLUM Camera. Christine is fearless in her craft, ready and willing to get her feet wet to get the job done. She jumped right in the pool during our SS15 shoot and created gorgeous shots of Denise Bidot (coming soon!) and Wanessa in the Formula 15 collection. Her specialization in fashion and portraits have landed notable credits not only with fashion labels like Chromat, Hood by Air, Luar Zepol, Bond Hardware, and Prae but also in publications like i-D, V Magazine, and Oyster Magazine, just to name a few. 
Christine Hahn is the type of person who inspires us to push everything further because she's constantly doing it herself. She's the embodiment of a Chromat Babe who sets the bar high for herself and then moves it up three rungs higher once she reaches it. Like many photographers, Christine is always behind the camera and rarely in front of it. We were however, lucky enough to snag a couple moments with her for a Q+A where Hahn reveals a little more about her craft and herself. 
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You're one of the few female, Korean-American fashion photographers in the field. Who did you look up to when you started your career?

I was blessed to have Steven Silverstein as one of my first mentors. Silverstein assisted Guy Bourdin and Sarah Moon. It still resonates and inspires me till this day.

How does your background and relationship with the west coast influence your work? 

I love using natural light and or mimicking natural light, I think the light is prettier and more diverse on the west coast. In Santa Barbara there’s perfect blue skies “Sunny 16” and where I’m from in Washington State it’s very pretty overcast light. I live for that Twin Peaks and X Files light + vibes~



How would you explain your point of view as an artist and how did you develop your signature style?

Developing my perspective has been a lot of dedication, persistence, discipline, and humility. Most of my friends growing up were quite creative and till this day they influence my point of view!

Do you dabble in other genres of photography/creative platforms?

Making a reel this year!


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Is it a challenge having to balance between meeting a client's needs and maintaining artistic integrity?

Absolutely! It can be a compromise though collaborating can be an amazing opportunity to push ones boundaries.

You've put in several years and a lot of hard work to get to where you are in your career. Was there a turning point for you in which you decided to go hard or go home? Or have you always been going hard?

Yes hard baby! No otha way!! Go big or go home! Also what my Tinder profile says.

What has been your favorite project you've worked on so far and why?

It’s impossible to choose just one project so I’ll share one of my favorite shoots of 2015. I shot a series of portraits for The Coven Mag, one subject was JD Samson of Le Tigre. I’m still a huge fan of Le Tigre (in high school I snuck out to see them live). Another subject was AmyCakes who is one of my favorite subjects. I was literally crying behind the camera from laughing so hard and had to stop to wipe tears off my face.

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Whats your dream project?

Pirelli Calendar. I have a lot of dream projects. I’d love to shoot Tilda Swinton, Bjork, Carmen Dell'Orefice, Veruschka, and to continue collaborating with great teams, artists, and designers.

What are you currently inspired by?

Robert Durst. Just kidding!! I’ve been obsessed with Teena Marie.. She is so underrated... She is so damn feisty, and has true fervor and tenacity!

How has your experience been like working with Chromat?

Amazing, fun, inspirational,’s incredible to work with young women who are equally as passionate and hardworking. It’s also awesome to join forces with a wide range of artists (Max Wittert, Rodan Tekle, Kyunghee Jwa and many thanks to Alex Strohmeier).

What is your favorite Chromat piece and why?

I’m a HUGE Paco Rabanne fan as well as the film “Who Are You, Polly Magoo?” so I love all the metal pieces from the AW14 collection. I also love the ‘original’ cages from the AW13 collection, to me it’s quintessential Chromat, and I’m a sucker for anything referential to 1960s futurism!

What piece of clothing makes you feel powerful?
Lately, I’ve been wearing the shit out of Wacky Wackos “GRRRLS DO EVERYTHING BETTER” sweatshirt. I get to wear all my favorite bands on 1 piece of garment, it’s perfect.
Who are some influential women currently in your life?
My Mama! Angie Parker, Ingeborg, and Amy Farid. Really amazing women that I aspire to be. All mothers, all extremely passionate, creative, vibrant, brilliant, and most importantly, really kind and generous. Kindred spirits!!
Why did you choose these photos as your favorite?
I wanted to share some favorites as well as some unseen:
Valerie from Idiosyncratic Fashionistas wearing The Superstudio Dress for Oyster Magazine
 Jean from Idiosyncratic Fashionistas wearing a custom Chromat Machine City Cage for Oyster Magazine
Left |  Backstage at AW14 Bionic Bodies
Right | Love this beauty look by Angie Parker!
Right | Jessica wearing the Extended Grid Facemask
Left | Favorite shot from MINDFILES AW15 look book
Right | Gorgeous beauty backstage with Nicole in the Pentagram Full Facemask from Bionic Bodies AW14 
SS15 Shoot Credits
Photographer: Christine Hahn
Model: Wanessa @ Marilyn, Denise Bidot @ Muse
Photo Tech: Alex Strohmeier
Photo Asst: Ruby Jun
Hair: Michael Thomas Lollo
Makeup: Angie Parker
See more of Christine Hahn's work here
Chromat's Conversation series highlights the voices of women who are shaping the world with their creativity and ingenue.
Check back next week for the newest Q+A!
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