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Pushing Bodies + Boundaries With FlucT

FlucT is an experimental dance collective directed by multidisciplinary artists Sigrid Lauren and Monica Mirabile. 
Together, they create performance pieces using dance as the medium to translate what they've absorbed from culture into an aggressively charged exchange between two bodies under one consciousness. Their movements interrogate, shock, and sometimes frighten their audience into an emotionally interactive experience. It's the type of performance art that transcends traditional dance practice - you have to be there in person to get the full experience. 
Monica and Sigrid work symbiotically, rehearsing and teaching out of Otion Front Studio in Bushwick which  " serves as a physical platform for the exploration of movement through contemporary means of processing information." Otion Front Studio is owned and directed by Monica while Sigrid is a partner, curates, and acts as a liason. 
FlucT's work inspires Chromat because they are creative visionaries who are fearless in exploring new ways of communication and expression.

Chromat joined forces with FlucT and director E. Lee Smith to interpret the new SS15 Formula 15 Collection through movement. 
In the same way that the new Chromat collection was inspired by the work of conceptual artist, Sol LeWitt, the fashion film draws heavily on the strict geometry and direction of Sol LeWitt's work. Get to know the minds behind FlucT in an exclusive Q+A below. 

Photo by Kelly Kai for The Coven Magazine

What is the thought process behind fashioning the visual presentation of yourselves for each performance? Can you explain how clothing relates to the way your movements and messages are expressed?

FlucT fashioning is determined by perspective of FlucT at that time.
We are inspired by character transformation and a dynamic narrative. We are inspired by malleable and transformational pieces. One thing is always true, we have to be able to move freely in what we are wearing.
We often dress to elicit memories of cultural representations of abstracted female forms: control tops, body shapers, form boosters, manipulative wear. By eliciting visual responses through clothing one can begin a dialogue about semiotic coding, which we will then subvert, destroy, build on/around, and bridge between.

You explore technology in FlucT performances in the form of 3D Projection mapping, videos and music. What ways do you imagine/are working towards integrating digital elements into your work?

Technology is best brought into our work through conceptual psychology: We like to think about the effect of technology and use it in creating the vocabulary. Programming and virus become movements for us. One of us will be physically moved by the other ( an outside system) which causes the other to glitch in to freaking out or becoming catatonic. Its not about glamorizing or demonizing the concept of technology but more so understanding it as a system that affects us all.
On the real FlucT future circuit, we are always trying to incorporate sound sensory and app elements into our live export.

What kind of studies do you do for inspiration?

Monica: We read, we write, we nap and we meditate before studio free falling. We lock up and have conversation about culture then dip into composition.
Sigrid: We study all we see; we tell a story, write a story, interrupt a story, reflect a story, defy a story.  We confine our Selves to a empty room with padded floors, big mirrors, and a sound system [Otion Front Studio]. What happens in that empty room sometimes makes me cry or I'm laughing for an hour straight or Monica's butt is just in my face for hours while I try to cradle her like a baby llama. Monica's butt is a study for inspiration. 

What are you currently inspired by?

Monica: I am currently inspired by couches, drug induced bodies and liminal spaces where control and lack of control cause decisions to be made without “knowing”.
Sigrid: I am inspired by wide open spaces, psychosomatic manifestations, 'necessary illusions', accelerationism, superfluidity, and the Iliac crest.

Who are some dancers, performers, artists you've been influenced by?

Monica: Composers of all mediums, sound, light, movement, 2d, 3d etc. TBH real genuine people who have suffered a little bit, is that fucked up?  
Some of the most inspirational people are the ones closest to me. I am most inspired by the strong, intelligent people I have worked with who have become my friends.
Sigrid: It's true; I am mostly affected by those who I can continue a IRL dialogue with although some on this list I simply watch; I started touring with Pictureplane in 2011 and he has always been a deep spirit brother of inspiration, Amanda Warner [MNDR], Alex Drewchin, Rebecca Fin Simonetti, Colin Self, Becca McCharen, Christine Tran, Ryan McNamara, Jake Diebler, Xavier Cha, Mykki Blanco, Elizabeth Marcus Sonenberg, Sterling Crispin, & Angelina Dreem.

Monica in the Underbust Uniform Top

How do you feel when you're performing?

Monica: The body is a practice and the action is a trance, it is painless and exists beyond time, beyond body, beyond mind, somewhere fluid, deep and transforming.
Sigrid: Blind; & Real, & Home, & Safe, & Yas, & Timeless.

What's your favorite Chromat piece?

Monica: I love all of the new latex pieces! I'm also a sucker for neoprene and leather ;/ this is a hard question.
Sigrid: I am very attracted to the Hood Cage & stay sweatin for the Aaliyah pants.

How was it like working with Chromat and the team at the video shoot?

Monica: Chromat is a sister and the team is what I work toward, all were solid and genius.
Sigrid: Everyone who participated at the shoot was unbelievably supportive, loving, encouraging. True family, I feel blessed to have been apart of this team.

Sigrid (Left) in the Sol Grid Skirt, Extended Bustier, and Sheer Arc Sleeves 
Monica (Right) in the Sol Grid Skirt and Neoprene Cutout Top

Whats in store for the future of FlucT and for either one of you? What would be your dream project?

Monica: For Fluct: a website, a production and more videos so that we can continue to doing what we do. As individuals, we are both exploring our essence. I have some exhibitions coming up with video choreography I have been working on in the Witches x ESKFF residency at Mana Contemporary and I am doing a lot of curating performance at the moment. I believe teams are very important and I want to continue building them with all of the angels together.
Sigrid: With FlucT, we want to establish a series of videos that reflects our previous performances; 'Control Top' - 'Peach Pickin Hoe Down' - 'Waxed Veins' - FlucT will be actualizing their 'Muppet Mob Wives' series too. Solo speak, I'm preparing a series of choreography for video & want to find a core group of people to work with to help me actualize these visions. I just received the danceWeb scholarship for a 5 week international dance intensive in Vienna so I'm looking forward to this cross cultural immersion in July. I can't release my dream project into this sphere yet, but it includes 88 human bodies & 8 sound artists.

Many of your performances have been in intimate spaces in order to connect with the audience, literally getting in peoples faces. How do you translate that into an arena-sized audience? Do you feel you can connect with hundreds of people in the same way you connect with people in an underground studio performance?

Monica: With some creative problem solving and technology sponsorship, yes. Lets make an app that creates holograms through projectors on your smart phone and I can whisper poetry in your ear. The music component of Fluct is an atmosphere, with the right space and sound system feelings of intimacy can be obtained, however I prefer small intimate spaces, 15 people at a time on loop, we perform quickly and rapidly like being at the gym and exercising endurance.
Sigrid: In an arena-sized audience, Monica and I have had to alter or add things into our performance in order to make a stronger connection. As the space becomes larger, we use time [in/with our bodies] to alter the environment around us; utilizing their lack of awareness to this time space conspiracy.
I adore intimacy, it is a real opportunity; but when hundreds/thousands are moving in front of you I feel no pain & literally that energy transcends me.

You perform as one entity in the form of two opposing bodies, duality in essence. Duality is a constructed method of perception in order to understand the systems in which things are manifested and plays a large part into your work. Do you have any thoughts or feelings on non duality?

Monica: Non duality is in the margins of our concept. If duality is the two of us, non duality is what happens when we create/ choreograph together. I guess that is still duality if one cant exist without the other but duality is within non-duality and exists because of the other so I am a conundrum?
Sigrid: I box things. I see where they can go, where they've been. If you don't separate bodies, you won't be able to reflect / deflect, come together, or grow. There would be no evolution, or revolution;
my other answer is 4D.

Sigrid in Bond Hardware

How does your relationship with each other make each other a better person?

Monica: Sigrid reminds me of poetry and compels me to think and challenge myself. She is my main because we understand power in communication and freedom of confidence. We are honest with each other and have been since the beginning, so we work through things, thats why we can work together and with others, this is the idea of a “better person” right? From the perspective of others.

Sigrid: Monica inspires me to see a light I did not know existed. She has allowed me to see art in new forms; which is allowing me to grow and appreciate new things I never cared about before. She has a drive in her that I've never seen before. As best friends and creative partners we are very open and direct about our perspectives and reality. I've never had a relationship with anyone like this and it is not easy, but its worth it. I'll be filled with an awful complicated issue; she cries, then I cry, then she smiles, then I smile, then we've realized the reality of the multiple realities and what magic honesty and communication together can bring.

What is your favorite thing about the other person?

Monica: Her way of thinking and her motion towards a passionate, challenging life. Sigrid is also the funniest and smartest person I know, clownin around and gettin' it.

Sigrid: Her drive, her passion, her absolute care for the other, her dedication to her revolution. Monica is also the funniest and smartest person I know, clownin round and gettin' it.

What would you say your mission statement would be?

Our mission is to feel intensely & inspire revolution.


Watch the SS15 Fashion Film 'FORMULA 15' 

Directed by E. Lee Smith

Choreography: FlucT
Music: Amsies (Chiffon)
Voice: Fatima Fazal
Assistant Camera: Penn Eastburn
Sculpture: Andy Ralph
Hair: Jamie Cook
Makeup: Faith Bartruff
Jewelry: BOND Hardware

For more on FlucT 
Chromat's Conversation series highlights the voices of women who are shaping the world with their creativity and ingenue.
Check back next week for the newest Q+A!
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