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Go off the clock with the #ChromatTEAM for a look at how your main Chromat Babes spend their summer days and nights.
Gery runs circles around the entire Chromat Team when it comes to 3D modeling. A fellow architecture student to CEO Becca, her presence is a major structural upgrade to the Chromat Team.  

What do you do at Chromat?  

Digital design, editing, and 3D modeling

What’s your sign?


How do you like to spend your weekends?

I like to sleep in late whenever possible, which means 9 am, and pick up on my jogging, reading, and gallery/ exhibit hopping. I also just got back from backpacking Peru! 

Who’s your favorite ChromatBABE to hang out with and how do they inspire you?

My best friend Vaishalie. She definitely knows my quirks and pushes me to be confident, while staying humble. She also proofreads most of my emails.

Favorite place to get brunch in NY?

When I’m back in school in Syracuse, I love to grab some food at Alto Cinco. Back home, I can eat at Montana Trail House in Bushwick any morning.

Favorite park?

Prospect Park
Favorite Netflix for your nights at home?
Bob’s Burgers for good vibes. Any tacky romantic film when I need a good cry.
What’s on your weekend playlist?
Any set from Radar Radio and Beyonce
What’s your favorite Chromat piece and why?
My favorite piece is the Leather Zip Half Cage because it cinches your waist in the right places, and adds great texture when you layer it on a shirt.
What’s your dream vacation destination?
I'd love to backpack in India
What’s one NYC location every visitor should see?
Coney Island

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