Weekending In Chromat with Jacob

July 09 2015
Go off the clock with the #ChromatTEAM for a look at how your main Chromat Babes spend their summer days and nights. 

Jacob in the Orthogonal Skirt. Sol Grid Skirt

Jacob is one of our latest additions to the ChromatTEAM. The triple-jointed ex-dancer relocated from Rhode Island to NYC to intern with us for the summer. Originally from Tucson, Jacob currently studies Apparel Design at RISD and spends his weekends hanging out with mother nature, collecting crystals, and enjoying some good ol' R+R.

What do you do at Chromat?  
I'm a design and production intern. 

What did you do this weekend?

I hung out with my friends a little bit and did a lot of recharging. 

How do you like to spend your weekends?

I always try to do something that gets me out of the house, maybe a little bit of nature. My weekends are usually spent with a little bit of hanging out with my friends and a lot of R&R.  

Ka Young in the Logo Shoulder Cage

What's your sign?

Virgo. Scorpio rising. Libra moon. 

How do ChromatBABES inspire you?

ChromatBABEs inspire me so much for their strong sense of self. Where their strength and identity is present both emotionally and externally. I don't think of a specific person when I hear the word ChromatBABE, it's more of an attitude. The sense of self autonomy and willingness to express themselves in a certain way is more meaningful to me than just ascribing the word to one person in particular.

Jacob in the Pentagram Harness 

Favorite place to brunch?
I don't brunch much and when I do it's usually at home. But in Bed Stuy there is this really great cafe Ms. Dahlia's that I really like to go to for biscuits and gravy from time to time. 

Best park in NYC?
Prospect is enchanting. 

What are your go-to Netflix picks for your nights in?
Lately it's been Scandal. But if that gets too gritty, switch to some placid documentary or something light. 

What's on your weekend playlist?
I've been listening to CSS and Purity Ring a lot on a bit of a throwback loop. Otherwise: Solange, Little Boots, Rhye, 2ne1. 

Jacob in the Orthogonal Skirt (Left) and Dick Tracy Harness (Right)

 What are your favorite Chromat pieces?
The latex pieces from the Fall 2015 Mindfiles Collection are all to die for. I also love the graphic quality of the Mathletes Collection --also the Aaliyah pants!


Where is your dream vacation destination?
I was lucky to go to Iceland this year for a few days and I've been dreaming of going back ever since. Those thermal pools...

What's one NYC location every visitor should see?
Honestly I've only lived in New York for a minute. Though if I'm being general, I think it's cool to see all that Brooklyn has to offer. Too many only see Manhattan and I think that's a shame. 
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Dick Tracy Harness and Logo Shoulder Cage


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