Introducing Chromat x Metalepsis

July 27 2015
Chromat is excited to announce that the Chromat x Metalepsis 3D Printed Jewelry has finally arrived! 
Designed in collaboration with Metalepsis Projects for the AW15 Mindfiles Collection, the series features chokers, cuffs, and rings.

Each piece is individually 3D printed beginning with a bed of Nylon powder. The powder is deposited and sintered with a laser layer by layer, solidifying the powder into its shape.  The piece is then removed from the printer and set to cool before being excavated from the powder and dyed black.



The pieces are inspired by the Chromat AW15 Mindfiles Collection and were developed as miniature architectural monuments for human adornment. 



Photography by Ben Ritter

Featuring Rosie Tupper and Shelby Keeton 


Learn more about Metalepsis Projects here.