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The Chromat AW15 Mindfiles Collection expands the concepts of innovator Martine Rothblatt's post-human Mindfiles to envision an entirely (wo)man-made, synthetic world of bionic bodies. The AW15 lingerie, garments and cages are all made of synthetic materials such as TPU, latex, patent leather, synthetic hair, and Swarovski crystals to reflect natural phenomenon-- much like how the digital world mimics the tangible world. 

Latex pieces in the Mindfiles collection were created in collaboration with Tableaux Vivants.
Read more about the collaboration here.


Latex is a material unlike any of the other materials in the Mindfiles Collection. Before putting on latex you have to apply lube to the inside of the garment in order to comfortably get into it. A water based lube is recommended to prolong the life of the latex. Once you slip your piece on it should feel snug but not constrictive--  Latex is a delicate material so be careful of long nails and jewelry that might pierce the material when putting it on. 
Photos by Christine Hahn

Read more about the AW15 MINDFILES Collection here

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