"Lick Your Lips Sis" | AW18 WAVVY ZINE

February 13 2018
We have collaborated with poet Jahmal B. Golden on a poem entitled “Lick Your Lips, Sis” inspired by the spirit of the AW18 WAVVY Collection. (Read more about the collection here.)  
Read on for the full poem, soundtrack by SHYBOI and digital zine for AW18 WAVVY.
lick your lips sis
for jasmine
they're always asking where I'm going
to which I say
to get what I deserve , join me .
and so in the aisles of a bodega
we’re giggling, a getaway .
of the air I ask,
lift me to the nearest sweet stream.
I like my sugar bright and lambent.
I like my fun dipped.
I like my mornings sweet.
kiss me, honey.
back again for more,
the deli man’s smile
licking my face clean.
sometimes you have to specify -
how much honey in the tea.
how much sugar in the bowl.
you might just get what you want
if you go there -- so go there.
I won't be the sorry girl
who forgot the gum and extras.
you know the one, she only came to the hike to pack a goodie bag,
sipping sweet in the back of the line.
Don't tell her a damn thing - she brought something for everybody.
but ask her
what's in the bag?
imagine you willingly marooned yourself in uncharted land
with all the wonder and flavor your steedly heart could carry
and living there.
air, lift me there again - blow me to
the sweetest stream.
remember how we asked in one voice
where the air might take us
to which the wind said -
we’re just featherlite bodies in search of someplace new.
to flow and laugh and carry.
all we want is something fragrant -
just enough to hold us over,
just enough to carry on.
lick your lips sis
don't leave any stone unturned .
Poem by Jahmal B. Golden.
Jahmal B Golden’s book Yves, Ide, Solstice is out now on East Village Publishing.
Follow their work here.
The Autumn/Winter 2018 WAVVY Zine
Designed by Becca McCharen-Tran
Read more about the AW18 WAVVY Collection here.