Chromat AW18: WAVVY

February 13 2018
Chromat Autumn/Winter 2018 is about trying to find joy and escape within the spiral.
Inspired by summer kayaking trips and personal watercrafts, we imagine wearing the collection while eating flaming hot cheetos on a boat in the Hudson. We are fitted with bungees, packing for a quick getaway.

We have collaborated with poet Jahmal B. Golden on a poem entitled “Lick Your Lips Sis” inspired by the spirit of AW18. (Read the full poem here.) One section of the poem that really speaks to me is the power of asking for what you want. One positive outcome of this new awakening- as we elevate marginalized voices and bring more seats to the table- is finally having a voice to ask for what you want. Whether that's a salary that matches a white male coworker, or safety in the workplace, or to have your boundaries respected in your private life, telling people what you want is powerful.

AW18 Finale


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"I would wear the outfit with the pouch for Hot Cheetos everywhere. I would wear it to The View, under my clothes, so while the women were talking to me I’d be eating Hot Cheetos. They would not know where they came from, but you would know and I would know."
- Whoopi Goldberg for Interview Magazine

"At [Chromat] shows, conventional notions of beauty fall to the wayside, and suddenly your eyes are open to a million different kinds of allure—fabulous people of all shapes, sizes, and colors who flaunt a life-affirming body confidence that solicits whoops of joy from the front row."
- Vogue Runway

"As joyful and fun as a summer kayaking trip, Chromat creative director Becca McCharen-Tran delivered another playful show, which celebrated an extremely inclusive idea of feminine beauty. For the designer, body type and size don’t matter; what really counts is the attitude of the women wearing her swimsuits."

"Want to sip your energy drink on the go but your hands are full? There's a pocket for that. Want a place to store your Hot Cheetos without crushing them? There's a pocket for that, too. Because apart from the irregular silhouettes of most of the garments, Chromat's latest showing was an innovative and practical take on swim and sportswear."
- Refinery29

"'Escape can be going to Hawaii or it can be going to the deli,” Becca McCharen said backstage after the Chromat show, where exhilarated models flexed for cameras and Flamin’ Hot Cheetos littered the floor. The spicy bodega snack was fashion week’s most fun accessory thus far."

"In a show soaked in sunset hues with a cast of models the most diverse we’ve seen, Chromat set a bar not only for inclusivity, but also for the amount of joy a fashion show can bring."
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To view the collection, please contact:
SALES: Fiftytwo Showroom 
Roge Hanlon

PRESS: International Playground Showroom
Johnny Pizzolato
Chromat SS18 Backstage
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Chromat SS18 Backstage


Show Credits

Producer:  Christine McCharen-Tran
Front of House Production:  John Pizzolato, Jessica Allen
Public Relations:  International Playground
Production Management:  Amanda Ululati at IMG Live
Soundtrack: SHYBOI
Performance: Slayrizz
Eyewear and Accessories: a-morir
Casting Director: Gilleon Smith with Cindy Ramirez, Tobi + Tolu Aremu, Savonne Whitfield
Stylist: Edda Gudmun with Martin Tordby
Hair: Kien Hoang for Oribe
Makeup: Fatima Thomas and the M∙A∙C PRO Team
Manicurist: Eda Levenson of Lady Fancy Nails with Chillhouse CND
Zines: Papyrus
Shoes: Dr Martens and Sorel
Chromat Team: Becca McCharen-Tran, Ben Ritter, Madison Ford, Biz Kiley, Tiara Jones, Carolyn Chen, Oshira Goodwin



Models: Denise Bidot at MUSE, Camille at State, Geena Rocero, Victoria Gomez at JAG, L’ka, Priscilla at Wilhelmina, Ji Young at Fenton, Carmen Carrera, Irka Canseco at Click, Maya at KRUSH, Syd at W360, Dakota at Q, Tida Lin at Elbert Ivory, Ese at STATE, Sabina at JAG, Stacy Ann, Kadija at 28 Models, Diandra Forrest at KRUSH, Olivia at Wilhelmina, Tasha at MUSE, Ariel at STATE, Cleopatra at 28 Models, Mia Michaels at STATE, DD at Surface, Seynabou at JAG, Tea, Katya at W360, Viktoria Modesta, Kerin Rose Gold, Ericka Hart, Jahmal B. Golden, Emme at Iconic, Shan at Crawford.

Special Thanks to Red Bull, Polar Seltzer, WTRMLN WTR, Bandelettes, Diana Meaker and backstage catering by Dig Inn.


Photo by Theodorus Chliapas

All other backstage photos by Andrew Toth for Getty