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Sun, Space, Air & Warmth: Surfing in Miami

black girl magic laughing beach sun waves swimwear new Maya in the Admiral Suit and Suzi in the Mica Duotone Top and Lindsey Duotone Bottom

#ChromatBABES Suzi Analogue & Maya Monés soak up a surf day with wave goddess Aretha Sack in Miami.

power black girl magic femme strong women swimwear beach waves
Maya in the Marlin Suit 

Photos by Anastasia Garcia

black girl magic inclusive swimwear beach sun surfSuzi in the Sample Size T and the Lindsey Duotone Bottom

#ChromatBABE Suzi Analogue is the creative genius behind our SS18 Serenity runway soundscape as well as a prolific singer, songwriter, beatmaker, Discwoman and creator of label Never Normal Records. Suzi relocated from NYC to Miami over 2 years ago, and her beach photos inspired us to move to South Florida and open a second Chromat studio on Miami Beach. 
strong women femme trans power beautiful swimwear

Maya in the Tidal III Suit

You may recognize Maya Monés from her unmatched runway walk- she's sashayed down many of Chromat's catwalks, always leaving admirers in her wake. We had the pleasure of profiling Discwoman Maya for a #ChromatBABE feature back in 2017, and when we opened our new Miami location, we knew we had to shoot the ~literal~ Bronze Goddess again. 

badass colorful sun beach surfer girl swimwearAretha in the Mica Ribbed Top and Bottom

We first met surfer and Floss Gloss co-founder & creative director Aretha Sack on a fashion & technology panel in NYC. We've had the pleasure of working with Floss Gloss polish backstage at Chromat's NYFW shows and love Aretha's creative color palettes. Aretha can be found ripping up the South Beach waves on the regular. 

Read on to learn how #ChromatBABES Maya, Suzi, and Aretha stay connected to and draw inspiration from the waves of Miami.

Photos by Anastasia Garcia


beautiful surf strong hot new swimwear girl beach

Maya in the Tidal III Suit

What brought you to Miami?

ArethaThe ocean. 

"I needed sun, space, air, warmth

and a disconnect from noise. I sorely needed it. Also, it's pretty." - Suzi

Maya:actually kind of grew up here! I went to high school in Kendall and lived all around the city for 6 years right before making my way to NYC. I feel happy and blessed to be able come back, see it with new eyes and to develop a new relationship with this place and the beautiful people in it :’)

black girl magic sexy sun beach sand swimwear surf surfboardMaya in the Admiral Suit and Suzi in the Bouloux II Top and Bouloux II Bottom

What’s your favorite thing about Miami?

Suzi: My favorite thing about Miami is the sun and environment. I see nature so closely every day from wildlife, to butterflies, plants, and also find fresh food grown locally. My neighbors and community are all very connected and kind. With my work as a producer, I’m inside a lot, but

living here has really given me a healthy boost in every way I can imagine.


Maya: The electric yet calm energy that washes over the city and draws you in, how it’s common to hug and kiss people you’ve just met, and the water, of course.

girl badass inclusive sun surf surboard swimwearSuzi in the Maya Suit

What is your relationship with the ocean?

Suzi: Really, I was born near water, next to the bay of the ocean - now I live on a waterway of the ocean. Oceans also symbolically represents my connection to my African diaspora. When I’m near the ocean, I feel like anything is possible. The vastness of the ocean reconnects me to a feeling of being alive and present.


Maya: The ocean is home for me, I have a very deep and spiritual connection with her.

The vastness overwhelms my mind, comforts my soul, and recharges my body all at once and all I can say is, “thank you.”

power women sexy surf waves beach

Maya in the Admiral Suit and Suzi in the Bouloux II Top and Bouloux II Bottom

What’s your favorite piece in the new Chromat Resort collection?

Suzi: I really love the Bouloux set and the Marlin suit, especially in the paint colors! Also love the Maya suit! It was hard to choose just one, this collections slays so hard.


Maya: Definitely the Drew Set. Its makes me feel so powerful and sexy and comfortable in my body, which for me is not something I get to feel often in a bathing suit, so I’m very grateful and hype about it!

black girl magic surf surfer swimwear Maya in the Marlin Suit

What do you hope to see for the future of Miami?

Suzi: Miami has had such an interesting history as a place of refuge for people in so many ways.

I hope that Miami’s future focuses on protecting its environment, the diverse communities that have grown here, engaging and encouraging youth to strive, and working with creatives to think of cool ways to sustain the growth of the city.    

Maya: I hope to see queer nightlife spaces continue to grow and light the city, as its magic is much needed. I’m also determined to work on establishing support systems in Miami catering to trans/non-binary femmes black and of color—hoping to do this everywhere I can, but starting with places like Miami, that hold a special place in my heart.
miami swimwear surfer surfboard swimwear

Aretha in the Mica Ribbed Top and Bottom


beach surfer surfboard swimsuit

Maya in the Tidal III Suit


miami swim beach surf surfboard swimwear

Maya in the Admiral Suit 


beach lifegaurd surf surfer swimwear waves

Maya in the Drew Top and Bottom


surf femme power color beach

Maya in the X Bustier Suit and the Delta Duotone Suit


Oh and PS: Did you know our swimsuits are ethically made with sustainable, regenerated nylon spun from recovered fishing nets and post-consumer plastic bottles? Learn more about our focus on sustainability here.

sustainability sexy surfer beach sunset swimwear

Maya in the Drew Top and Bottom

Enjoy your Chromat and save our oceans, it's a win-win!


Shot on location in Miami Beach, FL 

Photographer: Anastasia Garcia

Makeup: Jen Navaro

Stylist: Yaya Ni


Suzi’s Hair: Kiyomi House

Suzi’s Nails: Nail Gawd Studios

Maya's Nails: Floss Gloss


Chromat Assistants: Boo Beauplan, Christine McCharen-Tran, Kristabel Delgado

Follow Maya Monés here

Follow Suzi Analogue here

Follow Aretha Sack here

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