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The Chromat Autumn/Winter 2015 Collection was influenced by and expands upon the concepts of Martine Rothblatt's post-human Mindfiles which anticipates an entirely (wo)man made, synthetic world of bionic prosthetics.
In this world, garments function as artificial augmentation and enhancements of the human body. The materials used to create the AW15 Collection are all simulations of biological materials: latex simulating skin, Swarovski simulating diamonds/gems, synthetic hair simulating organic hair, lasers simulating neuron firings inside the brain.

In our new COLLABORATORS series, we go behind the runway to highlight the creative geniuses who worked together to bring the new Chromat MINDFILES collection to life.


Michael Potvin, aka nitemind is the tech wizard behind innovative laser light club installations found all over New York's nightlife scene. Potvin has worked alongside Ladyfag on Club SHADE and designed + programmed LED event installations for many infamous underground parties in New York.




Photos by Erez Avissar and Christopher Honeywell for Sustain + Release 

Bionic Bodies LED Bra + Face Mask 

Potvin has previously collaborated with Chromat on the production of LED pieces featured in AW14's Bionic Bodies collection. 
Photo by Koury Angelo


The Chromat AW15 MINDFILES Livestream 

Potvin is also the creator of new digital media platform Equalize.TV and currently runs Stream Gallery in Bushwick. 
He coordinated the live stream of Chromat AW15's runway debut.


The AW15: Mindfiles Collection features 3 looks outfitted with lasers: the Chakra Laser Dress and collar, the Vortex Laser Harness, and the Diode Laser Bra.

Potvin programed and wired a total of 15 green (532 nm) 5mW Class 2 Lasers for the collection. 

The Chakra Laser Dress + Collar

Photos by Getty Images

Kate Owen for i-D Magazine


The Diode Laser Bra 

Evan Schreiber for DAZED Magazine


The Vortex Laser Harness

Photos by Getty Images
Check back soon for our next Chromat Collaboration feature! 

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