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The Chromat Autumn/Winter 2015 Collection was influenced by and expands upon the concepts of Martine Rothblatt's post-human Mindfiles which anticipates an entirely (wo)man made, synthetic world of bionic prosthetics.
In this world, garments function as artificial augmentation and enhancements of the human body. The materials used to create the AW15 Collection are all simulations of biological materials: latex simulating skin, Swarovski simulating diamonds/gems, synthetic hair simulating organic hair.


The Swarovski encrusted pieces in Chromat's AW15: Mindfiles Collection were developed in tandem with the expertise of Kerin Rose Gold of A-Morir Eyewear. Kerin is the creative force behind the artisan eyewear worn by celebrity clients such as Rihanna, Katy Perry, and is a regular collaborator with Lady Gaga. Her luxury eyewear line, A-Morir is selectively sold in in high end boutiques around the world. 

Kerin Rose Gold of A-Morir Eyewear

Lady Gaga and Beyonce in A-Morir Eyewear

 A-Morir SS15 Collection


Chromat and Kerin Rose Gold collaborated to create a total of ten pieces for the AW15: Mindfiles Collection. Swarovski crystals were chosen as a synthetic equivalent of organically produced diamonds and gems. These chemically produced embellishments serve as a parallel to the synthetic recreations of the brain through MINDFILES.  


The Shoplifter Garter Bustier Cage - featuring over 2,490 Swarovski Crystals

The Swarovski Pentagram Face Mask - featuring over 1,470 Swarovski Crystals

Swarovski Studded Radial Bodysuit - featuring over 800 Swarovski Crystals

The Swarovski Echo Set - featuring over 3,420 Swarovski Crystals

 The Axiom Set + Swarovski Suspension Corset - featuring over 460 Swarovski Crystals

Photos by Getty Images


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