Chromat Collaborators | Tableaux Vivants

February 23 2015
The Chromat Autumn/Winter 2015 Collection was influenced by and expands upon the concepts of Martine Rothblatt's post-human Mindfiles which anticipates an entirely (wo)man made, synthetic world of bionic prosthetics.
In this world, garments function as artificial augmentation and enhancements of the human body. The materials used to create the AW15 Collection are all simulations of biological materials: latex simulating skin, Swarovski simulating diamonds/gems, synthetic hair simulating organic hair.
All the shiny latex lingerie, thigh highs and coat- which attracted the attention of many in the audience (including Opening Ceremony!) did more than just add lubed-up burning rubber to the catwalk. The looks were created in collaboration with Tableaux Vivants, a womenswear label designed by Sonia Agostino, that  focuses on elevating latex dressing into the high-fashion realm.

Cassandra Decker and Sonia Agostino 



Tableaux Vivants and Chromat designed four looks which included latex lingerie, garters, a dress, a top, leggings, and outerwear.

Chromat was interested in exploring the possibilities of latex clothing to act as a second, synthetic layer of skin on the body. This synthetically produced "skin" serves as a parallel to the synthetic recreations of the human consciousness via MINDFILES.  
Patent Garter Bustier + Latex Trench Coat + Latex Thigh High

Lunette Latex Bra, Garter, Underwear + Latex Thigh High

Echo Latex Bralette + Underwear

Venus Latex Bodysuit + Latex Thigh High 



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