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The Chromat Autumn/Winter 2015 Collection was influenced by and expands upon the concepts of Martine Rothblatt's post-human Mindfiles which anticipates an entirely (wo)man made, synthetic world of bionic prosthetics in which you can upload your unique personality into digital Mindfiles.
In this world, garments function as artificial augmentation and enhancements of the human body. The materials used to create the AW15 Collection are all simulations of biological materials: latex simulating skin, Swarovski simulating diamonds/gems, synthetic hair simulating organic hair.


Chromat Collaborated with Metalepsis Projects in creating 3D Printed laser ports for the laser pieces in AW15: Mindlfiles, as well as custom 3D Printed chokers, cuffs & rings, and coated rubber jewelry pieces. Metalepsis Projects is a the brainchild of architects Victoria Cho and Astrid Chaskta, who met while working at the same architecture firm. They currently design and create jewelry for Metalepsis completely over the cloud as Victoria lives in California and Astrid is in New York.

Victoria and Astrid of Metalepsis Projects
Metalepsis Orbital Collection


Metalepsis utilizes 3D printing techniques in their design process and with the help of 3D modeler and architectural engineer Alessandro Rolfini, worked with Chromat to develop 3D Printed ports to attach the lasers in the Chakra Laser Dress and Choker, Vortex Laser Harness, and Diode Laser Cage Bra.
Metalepsis then developed a series of chokers, cuffs and rings based around the buttress design of the Chromat laser ports. 
Custom rubber-coated versions of their Orbit Cuff, Soundboard Necklace, Pin Cuff, and Proton Ring were also made exclusively for Chromat.

Astrid helping Leyna into 3D Printed Metalepsis Rings
3D Printed Bar Choker on Sabina
Photos by Rebecca Smeyne 


3D Printed Laser Ports on the Vortex Laser Harness
Photo by Opening Ceremony


The 3D Printed Bar Choker

 The Buttress Collar

3D Printed Cuffs

Photos by Getty Images


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