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It's a breezy 75 degrees outside which means time to swap out the black denim and leather jackets for Pentagram Suits and Bouloux BikinisPlan your tan by getting your swimwear game on lock with ten ways to kick off the summer right! 

1. If you like it you should put a harness on it! 

Keep your go to suit lookin fresh all summer long by throwing the O-Ring Swim Cage over it.

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2. Level up your #SummerGoth looks

The V-Suit is perfect for playing in the sun or under the moon. 

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V-Suit ( Only 1 Left!)


3. Soak up the sun

Plan your tan in the Sport Bikini so you can rock those tan lines all summer long. 

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4. Go exploring!

Always be on point with the Pentagram Suit, even when you're off adventuring in caves! 

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5. Lay Out

Channel "Help I've fallen and I can't stop looking AMAZING."

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6. Go off the grid

Recharge in the Bouloux Bikini. 

7. Embrace the heat

Go chase some waterfalls in the Intersecting Suit. 

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8. Get your crew together

Achieve #SQUADGOALS with Pentagram Suits for you and your entire crew!

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9. Don't forget to stay cool!

Take a dip or two in the Bouloux Bikini. 

10. Let your hair down

Get together with your grrls and chill out. It's summer! 

Ready to plan your tan? Find your perfect swimsuit so you can be poolside ASAP.

Tweet @Chromat_Party to let us know how you're kicking off the summer in Chromat!

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