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At Chromat, we are obsessed with fit. Our mission is to design empowering future-forward bodywear for ALL bodies.


Go behind the scenes at one of our fit tests, where we asked over 100 people of all sizes to give us feedback on the SS18 collection. Video by Grace Naw. Photography by Coco Layne.


The Mica Top and Bottom in Red Ribbed



Read on to learn more about Chromat’s fitting process from founder and Creative Director Becca McCharen-Tran:


The most important message I hope to share with the world is one of acceptance and the celebration of individuality. It sounds so simple, but it’s a daily act of defiance to be yourself when so much of what we see on our screens and in our world is about conforming to unachievable beauty standards.


I hope that when people see Chromat, it reinforces the message that there are many different versions of beautiful and that every body is worthy of love, acceptance and empowering swimwear.


The Amelia Suit in Red Ribbed 

The Tidal Suit

The Delta X Suit in Neon Orange and Black



Size inclusivity means celebrating bodies of all different shapes and sizes both in our runway and campaigns, as well as producing a range of sizes available to shop.


At Chromat, fit is our obsession and we have invested a lot of time in developing our extended sizing from XL-4X. Every season we hold fit tests where we invite our customers and fans to come in and provide feedback on the fit of our new sizes. It has helped us so much to better design for our #ChromatBABES of all shapes and sizes. 


The Strata Bodysuit and the Strata Suit

The Uniform Top and Yoko Bottoms


The fit tests are an incredibly useful process that has improved our garments tremendously. We have hosted fit tests where up to 500 people in sizes XS-4X have come in to try on the collection and give us feedback. We have learned so much from those events- things like shortening straps, creating deeper cups or making a part of the suit adjustable. We have done fit tests that focused on trans and non-binary people in collaboration with the Phluid Project and the direct feedback has changed our design process exponentially.


Swimwear is an important garment to design with a goal of celebrating all bodies. The swimsuit can be a very vulnerable garment, it’s a very public garment, and it’s a garment that needs to feel empowering. Everyone deserves high quality swimwear that fits.


It’s so exciting to see someone put on a well-fitting Chromat suit for the first time- their whole posture changes and you can see the confidence and power in the way they hold themselves.


It’s why we do what we do.




The Mica Top and Bottom in Red Ribbed

The Strata Suit

X Bustier Suit in Red

The Delta X Suit in Neon Orange and Navy

The Strata Suit in Black

The Leyna Ribbed Top and Baseline Ribbed Bottom

The Delta X Suit in Navy

The Admiral Top and Bouloux Bottoms in Black

Ericka Hart in the Strata Suit

The Delta X Suit in Neon Orange

The Delta X Suit in Neon Orange and Black

The Saldana Suit in Navy/White

The Alva Top and Yoko Bottom in Heather


Ben Ritter in the Mica Ribbed Suit in Blue

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