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This year we opened a second Chromat studio in Miami, renewed our focus on sustainability and hosted a beach clean up, celebrated Queer Joy at Moma PS1, gave a Ted Talk about how fashion can change our culture, launched our first-ever shoe collab with Reebok, kicked off our 10 year anniversary (more celebrations coming in 2020!), and, in response to your feedback, radically changed our company structure (from wholesale to DTC) and lowered our pricing to be more accessible to #ChromatBABES worldwide. 
We couldn't have accomplished any of these milestones without you- our #ChromatBABE family. We are so humbled by your support and we want to pay it forward. Through our Give 20 + Get 20 holiday campaign, we are giving directly to organizations that strengthen our community and earth: Pridelines, Love the Everglades and Power U: Center for Social Change.
We’re filled with gratitude and excitement to launch our new #ChromatHOLIDAZE Campaign featuring #ChromatBABE Arkedabar shot in Miami by Jade Lilly, makeup by Storm White
We are a small team working hard to empower #ChromatBABES worldwide. Thank you for being on this journey with us. 
–Becca McCharen-Tran and the #ChromatTEAM


Beginning Wednesday, November 27, use code “Give20Get20” to receive 20% off at chromat.coIn return, we’ll donate 20% of the proceeds to support three organizations who are empowering our community: 

Power U Center for Social Change
Committed to organizing and developing the leadership of Black and Brown youth and Black women in South Florida so that they may help lead the struggle to liberate all oppressed people. This includes smashing the school to prison pipeline, ending gender violence and developing youth civic engagement for a better future. 
Love the Everglades
A movement led by Houston R. Cypress- a Native American Miccosukee artist, activist and twospirit advocate- that addresses the environmental, structural, cultural and spiritual problems plaguing the Florida Everglades.  

Supporting, educating and empowering South Florida’s LGBTQ youth and community with housing, medical services, and career development resources to promote dialogue, wellness, and to foster social change.


Sale ends Monday, December 2 at 11:59PM


Arkedabar in the Tidal Suit
Read on to learn how #ChromatBABE Arkedabar celebrates and empowers her community during the Holidaze season and all year round.
Photos by Jade Lilly


Arkedabar in the Tidal Suit

What drew you to express yourself in music and performance?  

Arkedabar: I've always known that my most meaningful and creative outlets were directly related to art. Music and performing arts are my unique expression that allow me to connect with people.

"We’re made of water. We resonate to sound. Music calibrates our soul, body and mental state."

I love creating new atmospheres and dimensions through music and rhythms.   

Arkedabar in the Mica Zip Top and Ericka Zip Bottoms 

Who are some of the inspirational femmes in your life? 

My mother is my earliest most spiritual/mystical approach to femme subtle and strong energy. She’s the epitome of the meaning of love and the most beautiful magician that I could’ve ever ask for to encounter and be guided by in this life.  Yma Sumac. Hyper talented Peruvian coloratura soprano. She grew up with everything and everyone against her. She found her light and way to shine through all adversities. Resilience is highly inspiring and encouraging as part of an immigrant experience and story. She's just an absolute goddess.  


  Arkedabar in the Mica Zip Top and Ericka Zip Bottoms 

Your song Chill Chica is “inspired by a girl whose vision of self procured art is oriented to spirituality and the creating process of an outlet to escape a dense reality.” How does spirituality play a role in your life/music? 
There was a moment in my life when I was completely sure that nothing works just because of this material world. There’s way more beyond that.

"Art with a purpose is my main goal.  We’re not taking our properties or money or fame to the other realm. It’s more about our message and legacy. That’s all related to our spiritual mission: what you give is what you get, what you think is what you create."

None of that is tangible. It's more about the support we hear from “the other side” telling us we’re magic, We just forgot about that. 


 Momentum Top

 Arkedabar in the Momentum Top and Mikito Bottoms 
You’ve said “Hay millones de peces en el agua, pero yo soy una sirena.” (There are millions of fish in the sea, but I am a mermaid.) What is your relationship to water?

"Water is calming, water is mother, water is mystery, water is soothing and wise."

When I need to find an answer I dive in the water. The depth and the unknown is what I’m most drawn to in life. A mermaid can coexist with the deepest and the shallowest waters: both worlds. She’s kind of an outsider. I deeply relate to that concept. 


Arkedabar in the Pentagram Suit  

In your interview with Discosexo for Orchid FM, you talked about how stripping allows you to unlock new dimensions of your sensuality and femme power. What advice would you give to other people looking to unlock this femme power in their everyday life?

Every step you take, do it with intention. Clarify your vision on how relevant your existence in this world is. Acknowledge that wherever you find yourself at the moment, you’re still responsible for your own happiness and entitled to create the best experience out of your life. 


Arkedabar in the Uniform Top and Mikito Bottoms  

How has your queer identity has influenced your creative process? 
To take people to experience the music, the vibes, the fun and attractive/sensual part of it, but the essence is that I’m changing peoples vision of a femme artist. Being queer is such a statement in this macho society. Embrace sexiness while representing our power. I am the voice that lots of members in our community don’t have. Providing a platform of equity and commitment to fight for our rights. That’s fuel to my soul and work.


Arkedabar in the Uniform Top and Mikito Bottoms  

How has your upbringing in Peru influenced you musically or otherwise?
People who were born and raised here, only know one side of the story. By translating all that mystical and ancestral energy to my art, I’m fusing both the practical driven-mind of this country and soul-oriented background that I grew up to. It’s my responsibility and commitment to share that through my creative outlets. It lets me embrace that unsaid knowledge that everyone is so intrigued by because it is actually relevant. It’s a mindset as well. I don’t go to the doctor, I know about herbs and home (rituals) remedies to cure myself. 



Arkedabar in the Strata Bodysuit

Why did you choose to move to Miami/what are your favorite things about living here? 

Miami captivated me. It’s the upgraded “safe” version of Miraflores (my hometown). Literally Magic City. It is home because of that. Despite everybody’s different experience by living here, I find the support, platform, appreciation, inspiration and uplifting energy that I wasn’t ever able to find where I grew up. I have to admit that sometimes it's a big f*** you to all those voices telling me: “ You’re not allowed”, “You’re not enough”, “You’ll never succeed”, “Stop dreaming”.

"Miami is such a beautiful femme energy that embraces who I am."

I’m immensely grateful for her infinite gifts. 



Arkedabar in the Pentagram Suit

What do the holidays mean to you?

Holidays never had an actual meaning to me, until I found myself away from my family (my two aunties and my mom). It is that time of the year when we collectively put aside any differences and look outside our everyday routine to create empathy towards the ones that need it the most. It’s about being reflective and truly appreciative of what we already have. 


What does giving back look like to you? 

We’re rich. We literally are. We have SO much by just existing and coexisting in such a beautiful environment. Giving back should be directly proportional to what we acknowledge we already have. Giving back is so ethereal by being the support somebody might need, just by listening and encouraging them with our words. I try to remind myself to contribute to society whenever I notice all of my blessings. 


What does being a #ChromatBABE mean to you?
A badass witch who is completely aware of their beauty no matter what. A beautiful angel entitled of their individuality who was/is capable to fix their broken wings by themself because there’s no time to waste. A mermaid who’s aware of their power.

"A #ChromatBABE is an invincible femme entity who knows they're the source."  


 Arkedabar in the Pentagram Suit


Photos by Jade Lilly

Makeup by Storm for MAC Cosmetics

Jewelry by Anna Kikue

Biodegradable Glitter by Bioglitz

Glitter Tooth Polish by CHROM 



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