Weekending in Chromat with Coco

May 29 2015
Go off the clock with members of the #ChromatTEAM for a look at how your main Chromat Babes spend their summer days off. 


Chromat's Social Media Coordinator Coco is a California grrrl and well versed in the art of weekending. Her weekends are leisurely spent laying on beds of green, green grass and endless coco snax, all in the company of her favorite people.

How do you like to spend your weekends? 

I like to eat lots of coco snax and let the wind blow in my hair.
This past weekend I went to the Met Museum with a couple of Chromat Babes to assess and live tweet the China: Through the Looking Glass Exhibit. We could have stayed longer to see the rest of the museum, but we had an important date with chocolate dipped cones at Central Park. After an entire week of working like crazy, unwinding on a soft bed of grass with your pals is ideal, especially when a live jazz band is playing a couple trees away. 

Who’s your favorite ChromatBABE to hang out with?

All my babes are Chromat babes.

Favorite place to get brunch in NY?

RABBITHOLE IN WILLIAMSBURG HANDS DOWN. They make the best eggs benedict.

They glaze their spiced bacon in maple syrup and it literally makes me cry every time because it's so good. Strongly recommend ordering an extra side for good measure.

Favorite park?

Prospect Park is nice but I can literally cartwheel to Maria Hernandez in Bushwick, so she takes the cake. 

Favorite Netflix for your nights at home?

Cooking documentaries + anything with Anthony Bourdain

What’s on your weekend playlist?

Just put on Fleetwood Mac and call it a day y'all. 

What’s your favorite Chromat piece and why?

I'm really feelin' the Underwire Bralette right now cause it has good ventilation for hot days and is v cute. 

What’s one NYC location every visitor should see?

Get dumplings at Vanessa's in Williamsburg and eat them by the water at sunset. Sit directly in line with the sun.


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