SS17 Hyperwave by Pussykrew x Mela Murder

September 19 2016
Pussykrew is an interdisciplinary duo of two Polish artists - Ewelina Aleksandrowicz aka Tikul and Andrzej Wojtas aka Mi$ Gogo - who create everything from live visuals to conceptual videos to 3D-printed art objects. 
For our SS17 Hyperwave collection, we have collaborated with Pussykrew, dancer Mela Murder, scanning team Bodylabs and 3D printers Formlabs to envision a utopian universe where human, nature, and machine are united. 

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Chromat #TECHTALKS: 3D Printing

January 23 2015
Chromat 3D Printed Fashion Lingerie Wearable Technology3D Printed Fashion Chromat
Chromat Curve model Katy Smeyne in the Chromat 3D Printed Facemask

The Chromat Spring/Summer 2015 “Formula 15” Collection included the additive manufacturing technique known as 3D Printing, an exciting Chromat first for the season. With 3D Printed garments now available for purchase at SHOP.CHROMAT.CO, here's a behind-the-scenes look at the in-depth and collaborative process of 3D Printing!

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